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Hi - not sure this was the right spot - couldn't find a "help" forum in the list, hopefully I didn't overlook it, mods please don't yell...:)

Lightning struck somewhat near my home and I am having some issues that I can't quite explain.

My setup when lightning struck.
Xfinity Cable box
Xbox one
Sony STR-DH550 Receiver
Benq W1080ST
HDMI for cable and xbox to Sony receiver - out to projector.
Receiver was ran to the HDMI 2 input on the projector.

Receiver after lightning would stay in protection mode - tried every possible solution - ended up replacing today with Sony STR-DH590.
HDMI Port 2 on projector would not recognize any connected device - tried every device I could find. Assume it is fried.
HDMI Port 1 - still indicates green when device is connected but no sound/video from receiver or cable box if plugged directly and eventually will say, no source found.
The weird thing is the xbox one if plugged directly into port 1 - displays and has sound.
I ran receiver to just a normal tv and confirmed it is working.
I've swapped hdmi cables with every combination I can make.
HDMI cables are run through a ceiling - one is 25' and a direct connection - the other is 2 12' cables with an extension plug - again using either with the xbox directly work just fine.
I've bypassed the existing HDMI cables in the ceiling and also ran directly to numerous devices and what I've already described and they all have same behavior.

I understand lightning is the main cause and it's tough to know what exactly the problem is, but what makes the xbox so special? For now I've ran cable box into xbox and xbox directly to projector and then am using the digital audio out to receiver but it's just bugging me not being able to set it up the way it should work.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated as I'm extremely frustrated.

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I would recommend getting one of these to protect the whole house from future occurrences since you are clearly in a lightning prone region:
It is very important that the wires be kept as short and straight as-possible, including the mains house-ground.

and if you can afford it, one of these specifically to protect the expensive HT equipment:
Alternatively you might be able to find a used SX-1115-RT for much cheaper. Those work great too.
(They also make 20a models in 120v and 240v if you need.)
It is very important that ALL of the gear be plugged into it so that lightning cannot backfeed from an unprotected conductor/device.

With one or both of those added, your gear should be much much safer moving forward.
The whole-house units reduce Type1 A-B-C IEEE surges to roughly 330-700v level, which is a Type3 level. A level that "most" large UL-certified appliances "should" tolerate.
and certainty better than direct wallsocket (i.e. nothing)

For the more delicate electronics, the SurgeX handles the rest.
In fact it is designed to handle up-to 1000 Type1-C level 6kV IEEE surge events on its own, with zero degradation to itself and with no load failures either. Also, the series-mode protection is rated to handle a half million surge events at lower levels. (i.e. it should literally last a lifetime...)

Most of the series-mode products are not-only UL and CSA 1449 rated... but also Government rated for Official-Use (A-1-1)... For when the gear MUST stay on / remain functional.
It is really serious protection for really serious people. (i.e. no oils or snakes are involved...)

I've been running multiples of them, for several years now. Zero problems here thus-far. None of my equipment has failed since the upgrade, and some of it runs 24/7/365...
That said: we don't get many storms here and the grid here is clean. I bought them "just in-case", not out of necessity. (No kill like overkill).
Your situation is clearly different though, it sounds like you actually have the necessity for this stuff.

Now, if you have home or renters insurance, you may want to look at starting a claim, although if you wait too long then it might already be unclaimable.

As for what to replace the gear with, I'm sure others will make suggestions...
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