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AVS helped me pick out my Pioneer 5080 which I love, hopefully the same can happen for a front projector.

The projector is for the basement which as many have experienced has height limitations. The ceiling height is around 7' and the throw distance will be 11'-12'. Primary use will be video games (PC and Console) and HDTV/Movies. This is for occasional use only, our plasma is for everyday viewing.

At first I was set on the Mit HC1500. I really liked that it performed well with ambient light, this helps a lot for things like Super Bowl parties etc.

Now I've narrowed it down to the Benq w500 and the Optoma HD65 because they seem to do well at short distances? Can anyone comment on which of these is better?

Also, I've noticed some 1080P projector has begun to really drop in price, specifically the Mit HC4900 can be had for $2000 here in Canada. Maybe I should wait a few months for a 1080P projector?

Many thanks

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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