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Hi All,

first of all, I apologize in advance if this question has been answered; while I have lurked this site for some time, this is actually my first post. I tried to search the forums for an answer to this, but I can't seem to find a good thread - maybe my searching skills need a tune up.

I'm looking to buy a projector and based on the things I have read, I believe a Benq W6000 will be the best for my needs and ambient light issues. However, I want to make completely sure that I can watch 3d with this projector, specifically using my Playstation 3 for blueray movies and Directv for 3d television channels. So, can I? Will I need any converter boxes (I saw some people saying something about 3D-XL box)? I have a Samsung 3d ready DLP and while I love it, I've been involved in what I feel is a Star Wars-esque saga of epic proportions trying to find Mitsubishi 3da-1 converters (to do checkerbox to over under) manufactured on certain dates so I can do it with a Samsung etc etc and frankly I'd rather avoid another dramatic comedy.

I'm assuming (and by assuming, I mean praying) being this is a newer DLP based projecter that it will be like the new Mitsu DLPs and I'll just need to hook up my PS3 and get some DLP glasses (Benq sales them on their website). If this won't work, any recommendations on what will? Thanks in advance for your guru guidence.

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