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Beo System 3 info?

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Finally, I get to deal in some current high end equipment..

Has anyone had experience with the Beo 3 system? I see the specs on their site, but it's not telling me at a glance what I want to know.

I have a customer that wants to interface a Beo System 3 with a Vision 1 CRT projector with RGBHV in. While the Beo has a bunch of HDMI and component inputs, it seems that it only has DVI/HDMI outputs. I'm assuming it converts the analog inputs to DVI out? Does it do internal scaling?

Most importantly, does the HDMI switching work RELIABLY without glitches?
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Curt, I own a Beosystem 3 with a JVC HD1 and a Panasonic 50" Plasma. The HDMI switching works quite nicely, however, 1.3 with the extended audio formats is not suported. Furthermore, only digital DVI out is supported.

The switching from Plasma/LCD screen to a projector works very smooth. Two independent triggers allow the projector to worm up before the screen comes down. Than an electronic curtain "closes" the image on the screen to reopen on the projector again. Nice!

If you have more B&O specific questions, check out beoworld.org forum

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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