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Berkline 090 Owners

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Ok... I've run into a bit of a discrepancy regarding the length of a particular configuration in the 090 seats. The Berkline specs, found here:

Bekline 090

say that a 4 seat config with Loveseat in the middle should be 130"

(2) 47 Recliners = 80"

(1) 87 Armless Recliner = 50"

Total = 130"

However, I was at a local HT store - Zobo.TV - and measured the same config above and came up with 126". I measured 2-3 times just to make sure.

So, the question is... those of you who have this configuration - what measurement to you come up with. Believe it or not, the extra 4" makes a huge difference as to whether I can do a row of 4 in the 090.

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It's just over 125" for my row of 4.

One suggestion - Instead of getting 2 Double arm recliners and 2 armless recliners lOlOOlOl ........ I'd get 2 Left arm and 2 Right arm recliners lOlOOlOl

If you're planning on power recliners, it will also mean that the controls are on the armrest for each seat - otherwise the switch will be placed down on the side of the seat cushion on the recliners that are armless.
Thanks Panther... so I wasn't crazy. Good, this means I can do a back row of 4 in the 090's.

As for armless loveseat vs. left/right combo - from the quotes I have received it seems the Armless Loveseat comes out rougly $200+ cheaper than getting two individual seats. I do plan on getting at least the Loveseat powered - is the placement of the controls in the Armless Loveseat really a turnoff, bad design, or potentially just an annoyance?

Thanks again...
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