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Berkline 094's anywhere near Lansing, MI? Or Other good home theater seating.

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I'd really like to sit in some good home theater seating, to try it out before I buy it.

I'm 99% certain I'll buy it from Roman, he's been very helpfull so far. But I sure would like to find a berkline showroom where I could sit in a few different models.

I've sat in the 090's and they arn't too bad, but don't give me the back support I need for my bad back.

Also I love the idea of the table tray built in on the 094's however I'm open to ANY and ALL suggestions.

I'm up for a road to trip if needed, so that I can sit in a enough chairs to find on that's the best for my back.

Features that I do like, in order.

1: Power recline.

2: full chase support, (for you knee's)

3: Cup holders

4: Table Trays

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I have a customer who bought the 094 in Edwardsburg, MI 49112.

Is that close to you? I can ask her to let you in to try them.

Originally Posted by rsh

I have a customer who bought the 094 in Edwardsburg, MI 49112.

Is that close to you? I can ask her to let you in to try them.

It's about 130 miles away.
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That is all I got. Try searching the Berkline website for local retailers and see if any of them have the chairs on the floor.
I've called all of the local retailers that berkline lists, and not a single one of them carry the chairs on their show room floor.

The closest I've found, is one about 20 miles away that the owner of the store "might" have the 094's at home, and I "might" be able to get a private showing of them. I think I remember reading someone visiting a showroom in Chicago that had all sorts of the theater chairs to sit in? I could dual purpose the trip to Chicago to make sure I stop in and try out these chairs, plus have some fun in the Windy City. Does anyone know where this is?
Here's a link to some dealers in the Chicago area:

Not that they would all be receptive but the MI home theater group has several finished theaters with seating. You should probably ask around.

You might try a WATSONS - I think there is one in Grand Rapids. Not sure how far that is from you, though. The WATSONS near me had Berkline 090s and 094s on display, but they were called something different. Seems like the 094s were called the Hollywood model, or something like that. Just look for the ones with the trays.

I bought my single 094 from Roman - excellent service & price! I don't seem to hear much about the 094s, but I have really enjoyed mine. I think the tray is the best feature! I use it all the time - I set our baby monitor and some snacks on it.

Good luck with your search!
Originally Posted by cloudnine
You might try a WATSONS
Excelent, I called them and they have some to test fit.

Grand Rapids is a good distance for me, and I head out that direction pretty often anyways.

Thanks for all of you help! I'll let you know how it turns out.

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Well, I'm not going to name trash the salesman just yet since I haven’t talked to corporate yet.

But let me put it this way.

I will never be shopping at that store as long as a certain Sales man is still working there. PM me for a name if you really want it.

Okay, so they didn't have the Hollywood in to test fit, even though the salesman on the phone told me they did... I explained that I was driving from Lansing, over an hour just to sit in one chair, and I'm not going to make the trip if they don't have one. He assured me they do. I drove out there, and it was bait and switch. They didn't have the Hollywood... That had the Rodeo, which the sales man said looks exactly the same. I argued with him, and told him that the chairs I came to sit in, do not have vibration, and are not the same. I'm not going to order expensive chairs without sitting in them. I sat down in the rodeo chair, and pressed the buttons to recline.. He stood there towering over me, just inches from me (felt very uncomfortable) I started to recline back up... He said... these are brand new, we just got these in..... as I started to stand up, the chair started reclining again, without me pressing any buttons. I asked what just happened and he gave me the "Jelly" story. He said the button probably has some Jelly in it, probably some kids come in and play with these chairs and got some jelly in the switch. (Yeah right... Jelly in the switch of a "brand new, just got these in chair") I will never forget the Jelly story. I told him no they didn't, kids did not come in here and eat a Jelly Sandwich on your $4000 chair and get jelly in the button, and he continues with that story, how they have 100's of kids come through the store, and one of the was bound to have jelly fingers (WTH?) I told him that I don't want these chairs, that I'm upset with him for telling me that they had the Hollywood’s but they didn't, and that I can't work with him. I walked away... I was going to look around the store when I realized he was following me. I went to the front and asked for a manager....

M: Do you have a manger on the floor.

W: Why?

M: I'd like to make a complaint

W: About what?

M: About (fill in name here) PM Me if you want it.

W: Well, I'm right here, so go ahead and complain.

M: I'd prefer to make my complaint NOT in the presence of (fill in name here)

W: I've been here a long time, and blah blah blah.

M: I just told you that I don't want to complain about you with you around, and your not respecting that, thus making the situation worse.

W: Well, you can complain to me, but those chairs look the same.

M: I directly asked you if you had the Hollywood to sit, because I'm going to drive from Lansing unless you have them.

W: The Rodeo chairs look exactly like Hollywood.

M: You are not even listening to me.

I left in a huff, and not happy, I've never been so mad at a sales person in my life. Usually my GF is the one who gets pissy with people and I have to calm her down. I was scream at this guy, and she basically said (lets go your not giving this company any of your business anyways)
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Originally Posted by rsh

After hearing all of the good things people say about you, your outstanding service and reputation I assure you, I'll be buying this furniture from you.

As soon as I can test fit it and make sure I pick the berkline that is the most comfortable for me.

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Still no luck finding 094's this weekend... gulp. I sat in some 073's at Art Van and after a long process drawn out over the last year, they agreed to take back my DeCora reclinging sofa that Is junk and let me reselect into something else.

I've picked out a new couch for my living room, but now I'm not going to have ANY furniture at all in my theater...

sniff.. sniff..

So now I'm actually in a hurry to get something.

Can anyone recomend some el-cheap type chairs

when I say el cheapo, I'm kinda thinking along the lines of this...

Something that I could use as a front row later would be really sweet.
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:( Unfortunately I have the 090's. Or I would definitely let you give em a whirl.

Try calling Audio Video Showcase in Ann Arbor MI. That is where I bought mine. Pretty decent to deal with. Excellent pricing and they had the biggest selection of anyone of HT recliners.

Originally Posted by suffolk112000
Try calling Audio Video Showcase in Ann Arbor MI.
They have the 094's

I'm going to drive out there and see how they feel...


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Perfect! the 94's are just what I needed..

The cost at Audio Video Showcase was crazy high, even when compared to Art Van's pricing.

Roman... You'll be hearing from me very soon.

For now I have no furniture at all... I'm still hunting for a cheap seat or two to fill the void until the 094's come in.

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I am not sure if you need it or not, but for a small upcharge you can have the X194s which are basically the 094 with heat and massage.

Well, I guess heat may help if you are putting the chairs into the non-heated basement, but massage, hmm... - I am not sure I understand this option in the home theater application. The Buttkickers are much better solution if you need to massage something...


But, I guess heat and massage came from other "regular" Berkline recliners where this feature is used, so it is just another option which is available. It has a very Cool looking X-Wand control which is placed in the armrest of the chair.

Anyway, you know where to find me - glad you eventually was able to find what you were looking for.
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Got my chairs today! They shipped 9 days before the estimated date. I havn't had much time to sit in them, or check out the butt kickers, will post more later.

Thanks Roman!
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