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Berkline 90s; Spacing of 2 Rows

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For those of you with 2 rows in your HT, what spacing did you use between the rows (back of chair to back of chair)? What would you suggest as optimal?

Also, can someone post the width of 4 vs 5 of the Berline 90s in a curved pattern? I know there are online sites that will do this but I cannot get them to load.

Thanks in advance.
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148" vrs 183" for the differance between 4 and 5 chairs in the curved config.

I will have my two rows approx. 6.5 feet apart. I have more room to move the front row forward or backward if I need more or less room.
Im in the market now for Berkline 90s and we took some measurements. IIRC you should provide a minimum of 30" between rows on the 90s.

Now if you are going to put your second row on risers you will need to increase the distance.
30" might be the minimum, but fully reclined the 090s take almost 6ft to recline.
I think I have obsessed over this question more than anyone else around here :)

I can tell you with great certainty that for someone 5'9" tall, you need 64" spacing from the back of the berkline to the front of his tennis shoes in a fairly reclined position. If you want to go ALL the way back, it will take another couple inches.

Keep in mind that the front row will be coming -back- into the space of the rear row when both are reclined.

We originally thought a 6 foot riser would be enough. But we are going to have about 8" columns on the back wall, so it will take 6.5-7 foot rear riser.

As for the width, go to berkline's website - they have a great tool right off the home page that allows you to construct any row config you want and get the exact dimensions.
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jrb CO,

Back-of-chair to back-of-chair, I measure 80". If I had the room, I'd have made the distance at least 6" to a foot larger... But, with both the back and front rows fully reclined, you can still sneak between the rows with a minimum of nudging and bumping.

Good luck,

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