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Best 12'' woofer

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I'm thinking of building a high output small PR sub, something along the lines of 105dB+ from 20Hz and up. I'm thinking of using a 12'' driver + 2 12'' PR to achieve my goal of a 15-16'' cube enclosure. I was fairly set on the TC Sounds LMS-R 12'' as the ground plane output measurements were outstanding and it seems to work well in a small enclosure. However, I just found out from parts express that this driver has quality problems and there were several reports of this driver failing after a year or two, or even sooner. Since I live in Canada, and it is rather difficult buying parts, I won't be taking any chances with a poorly manufactured driver.

With that said, now I'm looking for a new 12'' woofer. I'm looking for the highest deep bass output and be able to work well in a very small enclosure. Besides the LMS-R, what is the best 12'' woofer on the market right now based on those requirements? Budget for the driver would be under $500, but that's flexible.

Please don't recommend 18'' drivers. I know the SI-18 and others are excellent performers for an amazingly low price, but I have no interest in building a big sub. 12'' is the biggest woofer I can use.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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