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I'm doing some room measurements with REW to get an acoustical image of how my room is interacting with and influencing the music played within in it. From these measurements I can put in some physical room treatments and electronic room equalization to help deal with room anomalies.

In my home, the living room is the listening room. As many of you know, getting room treatments installed in a shared space where aesthetics usually take precedence over utility can be like passing a bill to raise the debt ceiling. Difficult.

I've used the WASP setup technique and others; Golden Ratio, Audio Physic, and loosely those prescribed by Jim Smith of Get Better Sound fame - if you haven't read his book, you should. It's one of the only high end audio specific book s. I've had success with all of these setups; however my current living space is not contusive to either Gold Ratio or Audio Physic methods (both methods have the speakers too far out into the room. I don't have the space.)

I could use the WASP method again, but I want to see what regular people like me are using in their homes. How do you setup your speakers?

My REW setup consists of an M-Audio MobilePre USB, Radio Shack Analog SPL and desktop computer (soon to be laptop).
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