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Best 20" CRT ever?

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Hey, hey, I want to replace my Toshiba-Orion 20" CRT. It will be used mainly for older games, and any games still not HD (especially Wii). I just want to know what you can remember was teh.best.CRT.evar in the ~20" range. Seriously, just spout anything out that you can think of, but specific models would be great. After that, I can begin my search...I don't care about buying used if it still works great.

Thanks so so much!
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Teh.best.CRT.evar for me is a little 20" JVC - I don't remember the model number. It has a good picture and decent stereo sound for its size. It's about 12 years old now and it still works like a champ. It's the only CRT I still keep around. I do remember having a hard time playing games on it because the text was too small to read for games where you had to read stuff.
I look at a 480i signal on anything larger than a 20" set, maybe 24", but that's it, at least for the size of my room. By the way, flat screen would be nice.
I've always been partial to Sonys, they have historically had the best power supply stability.
Sony KV-20FS120.

Good Points: Near perfect geometry, great power supply, excellent color and depth, and perfect size for a bedroom.

Bad Points: No S-Video (just 2 composite and 1 component input) no audio out (except for the 1/8" earphone plug), no closed captioning on mute, NTSC tuner (literally) burned out after one year, plus grayscale had to to be adjusted in service menu.

Now that the grayscale is fixed, I really like this set, and will be unable to replace it with anything comparable when it finally dies, so I hope it keeps working for a long time. But since it was made in Mexico, I won't be expecting it to last more than another couple of years.
Because it has no S-Video input, it's unacceptable. Does anyone know of any previous models of that TV that were more fully featured?
The 24" model (Sony KV-24FS120) had an S-Video input. I was really shocked when I got my set home that there was no S-Video, but it's one of those things you just assume will be there (like audio output).

Originally Posted by Josh7289 /forum/post/0

Because it has no S-Video input, it's unacceptable. Does anyone know of any previous models of that TV that were more fully featured?

The older 20s should have s-video. I think the most recent 20" with s-video was the KV-20FS100.
Couple of years ago, after going thru few 20 inch TVs from Apex, Toshiba, Samsung and Sylvania, I was really disappointed at their picture quality.

But luckily, Circuitcity had one last Panasonic 20 inch Tau Superflat CT-20SL13 in the box for $179. And it was like a fresh air. Picture quality just sparkled with colors, detail and depth that other TVs lacked. And it is loaded with features such as Component, s-video input, three custom picture settings and Variable audio output.

If you can find one, grab it
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Panasonics don't have a vertical compression feature, FWIW.

Originally Posted by MechanicalMan /forum/post/0

Panasonics don't have a vertical compression feature, FWIW.

That is true. But for that screen size, one might want to fill in as much image area as possible. I have set the DVD player screen option to 16:9, and it fill whole 4:3 screen without any noticable distortion.
Back when I got this Toshiba-Orion, what I really wanted was the Panasonic CT-20SL13, but it wouldn't fit where I wanted it to back then...
Bad move...

I'll look for the Sony mentioned and this Panasonic, too.

I need more recommendations, though!

Oh, and 24" is a bit too big for me. I want just around 20", give or take an inch or so.
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Another approach I have used for our PS2 is a tuner box that converts the video signal to work with a PC monitor. Using a CRT monitor which supports native 480 lines means no vertical scaling (the box only converts from 480i to 480p). The unit we have has an NTSC tuner, composite and S-video input. Just a thought for games.

sony or panasonic
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