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best 35mm adapter for camera

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hey i am just about to buy a hf100 and i was wondering what the best value 35mm adapter is and also what a good lens to go with it would be.

thanks very much.
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Hi, Check out this cool DOF adapter here http://www.gt35pro.blogspot.com/

More sample footage can be found here

Sorry for the shameless plug
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To all who want to build their own 35mm adapter, I am releasing my new GT35pro ground glass holder kit from now on. This is machine milled plastic and uses the spring steel wire for the legs, welded to the metal screws and are very strong. The ground glass is interchangeable. You only need to release the 2 small screws and remove the retaining plastic to wash or change the ground glass. I made a version last week but I have refined it to this final design. This will now be used in the entire range of GT35pro 35mm Adapters. Order information here www.gt35pro.blogspot.com

Full range of fully assembled 35mm adapters up to 72mm filter thread size also available.

Ground glass kit comes together with vibrating motor and 2 ground glass.
Also check out the lcd flip hack for the sony HC7 camcorders
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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