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I own the 36" SONY XBR set and it is by far the best I've seen for

handling all types of signals extremely well. I have digital cable with Tivo

and the digital channels look incredible. The channels at the lower

end of the spectrum (i.e. the analog channels) are better than any other

set I've seen and I have looked at quite a few sets. DVDs on this set look

incredible. I have a progessive scan player hooked to this and the picture

is phenomenal. I do not own a HD box so I can't comment on this from

home viewing. I have seen the set hooked up to a Sony HD STB and

that picture was also top notch as you would expect. Even the picture

from my VCR looks great on this set.

What feature do I wish this set had that it doesn't? It would be great

if a 16:9 image could be stretched to fill the screen analogous to what

16:9 sets do with 4:3 images. I know this sounds odd to those in the

know but when you lose a significant portion of your screen while viewing

16:9 formatted content you end up with an image that is crystal clear but

smaller than I prefer. NOTE that none of the 4:3 sets on the market have

any stretch modes as far as I know.

The only set I found close to this one was the Panasonic Tau series and

the picture on that looked very pixelated with most SD broadcasts. VCR

images were not all that great either on the Tau.

As Dennis Miller would say, "that's just my opinion, I could be wrong".
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