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I have a LG 32LC2D (32") LCD display that rivals the picture quality of my old 27" Sony CRT. I did a lot of in-store comparisons before I saw the LG models - at that point, my decision to get the LG set was made.

Their sets don't exhibit the fast panning motion blur that a lot of the more expensive (or cheaper) LCD sets do, thanks to their special processing circuits in these models. The new LG models 32LC7D, 37LC7D, & 42LC7D sets have a higher contrast ratio (8000:1 vs 1600:1) and the same performance of the older xxLC2D models.

I got my 32LC2D just after Christmas (from CC - best prices) and it's been running almost 24/7 since, without a problem (I did do some minor, eyeball calibration first for a better picture). I still need to do a full calibration, but we've been watching it so much, I haven't had a chance.

I have DirecTV and both the SD and HD PQ is excellent. The Westinghouse LCD displays are supposed to be very good too.

duckwing89 -- I wanted an LCD display because they are less expensive that the Plasmas in the under 42" sizes and they are more energy efficient ("more green"). The Plasmas have better black levels, but in the daytime, it's not noticeable at all, on my set (after adjustment - the factory default settings are way too bright and don't show the best picture the set is capable of).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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