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Looking for a 5.1 system under $1000 to accompany my Pioneer Elite 151 50" plasma. I live in an apartment and the living room is roughly 13x18. I am open to purchasing separate components but would like to stay under the $1000 mark. I have a PS3, Xbox 360, and a home theater computer that will need to be hooked up to the receiver. I am not too picky about the sound, but I want it to be balanced and all encompassing. I used to have a pair of klipsch RF-35 speakers and found them to be too directional and bright. They were also overkill for my apartment, so looking to get something bookshelf sized or smaller.

I have looked at many sets online from onkyo, denon, sony, and panasonic but figured I'd come here and pick your brains for knowledge.

From what I have seen the Denon DHT-591BA looks to be a strong contender, but could possible be blown out if I'm picking out individual components. I simply don't know enough and auditioning isn't an option where I live.

What would you buy if you had $1000 to spend on a 5.1 system? Thanks in advance!
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