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Best <$600 DVD player for Ruby?

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Hey thanks for the info on the Ruby and Computer gaming.

I have a short list of DVD player upconverters

Oppo OPDV971H

Denon 2910

NeuNeo 1080p

What do you think?

Oppo= rave reviews, random audio sync issues, tremendous support, DVI not HDMI, $200, possible 1080p with firmware upgrade later?

Denon= Matches with my Denon AV center, Great-good reviews, older technology vs others, Superior construction, $600, 1080i

NeuNeu= Only 1080p, $250, looks like early adopter issues with less than stellar functionality.

I am leaning Oppo due to its tremendous value.

What are other people using?

Thanks Brandon
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I too have heard good things on the Oppo. I might own one if I wasn't an HTPC user.

But 1080p is 1080p. You may have to break new ground for us and shell out $250 :D
Originally Posted by mpbtmpbt
possible 1080p with firmware upgrade later?
An interesting comment. Has anyone speculated on this in depth? Would it be possible to add 1080p output with a firmware upgrade, or does it look like the hardware simply wouldn't be able to handle it? I know you can do a lot with firmware upgrades, but you're always limited by your hardware.
The Oppo is amazing. HTPC quality with DVD-remote convenience. It's the hightest-quality DVD image I've seen (via DVI/HDMI) from a stand-alone DVD player. There can be issues with macroblocking (Faroudja chip) but careful calibration/tweaking can usually negate these effects satisfactorily.

Truly outstanding DVD image quality. Some DVDs look "near HD" when scaled to 720P on my BenQ 8700+. I'd love to see this thing hooked up to a Ruby!

p.s. I'm also curious about a future 1080P 60Hz option for the Oppo...why not?
After a fair amount of comparison and tweaking both, the Oppo looks excellent on my Ruby. With "overscan" turned off on the PJ, I would say the Oppo looks at least as good, probably bettter, than my HTPC (TT / Radeon 9800 via DVI 1920x1080p60 w/ffdshow & dscaler sharpen). Plus, it doesn't do weird stuff. The HTPC still does sometimes. Thats why I pretty much decided to abandon HTPC for DVD viewing some time ago.

It used to be that you got WAY better video out of a properly set up HTPC than you could out of anything anywhere near 2x the price, but not anymore.

Not saying that with absolutely perfect HTPC hardware and settings it couldn't have an edge on the Oppo, but for $200 and being super-easy to use, its unbeatable. And for 30fps stuff, its no contest.

HTPC looks good too, but it just doesn't look any better to me at this point, and its not worth the trouble.

- Chris
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are you running the OPPO in 480P, 720P, or 1080I to feed the Ruby?


From what I understand, Oppo is working on the 970H (yes, I know that the model number is going backward), and it will supposedly support 480i over HDMI. Here is the quote from Stacey Spears:

When the new Oppo 970H comes out, it should be one of the best 480i players. (480i over HDMI) It is faster at navigation and layer change than the RP82. It should be under $200 and be that perfect "video transport".
Since my new Vantage-HD will support 480i over HDMI (if it ever gets here :rolleyes: ), I plan on upgrading immediately.

My only gripe with my 971H is that is has the worst remote control I have ever used. Once I taught it to my Pronto, though, everything was fine.
so should the ruby look better with 480i or 1080i feeding it from a dvd player?
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