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Best amp, prepro with Klipsch Ultra 2

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I am going to be using Klipsch Ultra 2 set up with new dedicated home theater under construction. This is a large room: about 23 X 19 with 11' ceilings. I plan to use a JVC RS-1 on a 123" fixed screen.

I have a pretty decent budget for equipment, originally budgetting for McIntosh MX207 7 channel amp with MX119 prepro. This is almost $12K. I have decided to spend more for room treatment than originally planned. I am hesitating to spend so much on electronics, especially given technology changes. I consider Amps to be stable long term pieces, but pre-pros have obsolescene issues.

How important do people feel it is to match the amp and pre-pro? Is it a brand or "flavor" of sound issue?

I would love to find a strong combination that mates well with the Ultra 2 Klipsch speakers that may tend a touch towards bright. I would also love to find something in the $6 to $8K combined range. Can I do so and still have a "no limits" beautiful sounding great system? By the way, it will be almost 100% home theater as opposed to 2 channel audio.

One of the most promising bang for the buck combos I have read about is the NAD Masters Series (M15/M25). Any thoughts on how well these would work with the Klipsch Ultra 2? How much better would the McIntosh set-up be?

Any other thoughts? The Arcam AV9 looks amazing, but is actually a more expensive pre-pro. I would like at least some HDMI switching (NAD has 2, no processing), though I can do that outboard if necessary. Had thought about the DVDO VP50, but the JVC has pretty good VP.

What about perhaps a less expensive prepro combined with the McIntosh amps, and then buy a new pre-pro when the dust settles a bit on HDMI 1.3 and TrueHD, etc.

I would appreciate any thoughts on the above, particularly on the NAD Masters Series. That seems like incredible gear for $6K. Only 160W per channel, but apparently that is conservative and it has stronger peak ability and the Klipsch is quite efficient.

How do I find out if an amp/pre-pro combination is "warm", which I believe is what I am looking for with this speaker system.


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I have owned these speakers and hate to say this but I used McIntosh with it and it was fantastic. They match very well. I also used a sherbourn amp and it sounds similar to the Mac. That would be a much cheaper alternative. I think maybe emotiva would be another good choice. I used the Mac mx-132 and the mac MC-7106. I still miss that system.
The NAD masters series appears fantastic. The NAD amplifiers are really good. You can't go wrong with NAD. But....

If you're the type of person(like me) who thinks about what could have been then I'd suggest getting the McIntosh equipement and not looking back. They are made to last a lifetime.
Thanks for the replies. So the McIntosh (MX207) amp would really be that good? ugh

Would you go with the Mc MX119 (only one zone) with it. I would have to do something about HDMI connections. Could another pre-pro match well?

Again, thank you for input. I feel as though the McIntosh amps will be a good long term investment in the system, but worry about plunking down so much for a pre-pro I will replace within a couple of years.
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OK, would it be crazy to combine an Outlaw 990 with McIntosh MC207 amp?

at $1,100 the Outlaw is almost disposable, to be replaced in 1 to 2 years with somehting that is well set up for all the new surround formats and connections.
I have the McIntosh MC207 amp and the MX119 pre/pro paired up with B&W 803 speakers. The sound is incredible. I am not as worried about HDMI but I have since gotten into BD and HD DVD as well as I have an HD/Tivo receiver, X-Box 360 and I Denon DVD player in which I need component inputs for all 5 sources and the MX119 only has 3.

The reason I am telling you this is make sure what your future plans for sources are and take that into consideration regarding your pre/pro search. I wish and I am in the process of upgrading to the MX135. I am getting the MX135 over the MX136 becomes there is not really a huge benefit to me HDMI and I run everything through a Zekhor multi channel analogue audio switch which gives me the new audio codecs decoded through the players.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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