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Best amp under $2000 for B&W ?

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Hey guys, I just upgraded to a 5.1.4 B&W system and it’s currently hooked up to my Denon 3700h. I want to try out an amp to see if it will improve the sound as I’ve heard B&Ws love power.
I’m considering the Rotel 1582 Mark II and Monoprice Monolith 3 channel amplifier both rated at 200 watt per channel. Which one would you recommend?
Any other suggestions welcome as well as long as it’s under $2000!

Here’s what the system looks like:
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Your 703S2's ? will run great on the Denon don't waste your money on an amp. The emovita listed above will not sound any better than what you have, for example. Especially for movies / TV, the Denon will do as well as anything else.
hey i have the same avr. Do you listen to music like 50%? if yes, i would look at DAC w preamp like the RME ADI-2FS. It will deliver more meat, soundstage wise.
I'd give the Parasound A23+ a shot.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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