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Best around $300 Reciever ?

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I want to get a half decend surround sound system going for my apartment next year. So far ive got the Sammy 2675 26" HDTV and the 810 Up-HD dvd player, so i want to get something to go with those in the mid'ish range. 200-300 is around my price range, becuase I imagine speakers cost alot too.

Preferabbly something with Pro Logic IIx, becuase it can simulate 7.1 right ?

the more speakers the better, but whatever works
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Originally posted by hdshark
Panasonic SA-XR50, $299 MSRP
Great choice for budget receiver, also check E-Bay there are tons of the XR series as many buyers find they lack inputs, features and power once purchased.. For entry level they are often priced @
Prologic IIx doesn't simulate 7.1. It converts a 2 channel or 5 channel program into 7.1. So unless you have seven speakers plus a subwoofer I wouldn't worry about Prologic IIx at the moment. As for a $200-300 reciever check out Yamaha, Onkyo, Denon, Panasonic and Pioneer. If possible listen with same speakers and let your ears decide.

The panny is a good choice, even the XR70 perhaps?

I doubt power should be an issue as your in an apartment and no doubt neighbours will complain first :)
^^ that's the fun part
Oh, and that X70 uses HDMI, I have DVI, can I just get a dvi - to - hdmi cable and be alright ?
Look at the Yamaha 5740
Originally posted by Sanborn
Oh, and that X70 uses HDMI, I have DVI, can I just get a dvi - to - hdmi cable and be alright ?
Yes you can.
Many find they have plenty of power, decent features, and superiorsound. Let your ears be the judge. You can get the 50 for $240 delivered.
Anyone have a release date for the Panny 70 yet?
Panny SR70 is slated for November.
DBryant........ exactly :) esp the trade marked "superiorsound"...... which is better than just "superior sound" haha
That's right...Very few receivers have "superiorsound."
Isn't the only reason the HDMI is being passed thru the XR70 is to get the audio off the digital stream? Otherwise, wouldn't it be just the same to run HDMI to your video display and get an optical cable to run to the receiver?

This is unless you want everything running thru your receiver, but you would still have to switch inputs on your TV.

you can see i'm new but thats my two pennies.
Consider Onkyo 502, Marantz 4500 (when released) and h/k 230 (refurbished).
Just bought a Yamaha HTR-5740 at BB the other day for $269.00 + tax. So far it has been a great receiver, one thing to note would be it doesn't have any s-video in/outs although not an issue for me, it could be for others. If you are still looking at speakers, check out the Athena Micra 6 5.1 set. These speakers sound amazing in my smallish living room, and man this little sub kicks a$$!!!!. I too live in an apartment and now I have the neighbors above trying to compete. Bring it on I say. Oh yea I bought the speakers at BB online for $269+tax reg price on them was 499.99 try it out you will not be dissapointed.
Check also Pionneer 814. I have it and i am happy with it.
Can you run all your inputs into your reciever and then output them with the DVI cable to HDMI or would it be all the same if you outputed with a component cable.

Gosh people are so sensitive sometimes. Sounds like the whole Rockets thing.

M Code was actually recommending the Panny, but people still bristled when he brought up the aspects that are MOST often debated as negatives of that receiver. He made a very reasonable statement.

If those negative aspects didn't exist, well then it'd be hailed by All to be the receiver of the year. It's not, though, is it?


When tested with the appropriate criteria, it doesn't have 100 watts per channel. So, people without high sensitivity speakers may not get enough watts to push the receiver. The same goes for speakers that dip into low ohms over parts of the frequency range.


Dolby PLIIx?: No

7 channels of amplification: No

Crossovers: 100 Hz is the lowest, not the 80 Hz that is recommended

Speaker Terminals: Most are small clips I think


Composite / S-Video Transcoding to Component: No


I'm not saying this is a bad receiver for the price. Obviously not, considering the raves. But those are STILL items that people have debated and made them turn away towards other receivers, even if they spent more money. Because those negatives didn't sway YOU doesn't mean they don't exist for people.
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