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best audio system and placement for this space?

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I have just decided to take the plunge and update my ancient AV equipment. I have decided on the Panasonic TH-42PHD8UK for the display but am still trying to figure out the best option for audio.

primary criteria

1. minimal amount of wires

2. good sound for CDs, movie DVDs, ipod (potentially hooked into my wifi network?)

3. minimal presence of speakers (i can build a cabinet under the tv for the front speakers and sub, but if there are rear speakers, they should be barely noticeable)

4. trying to stay at $1500 or less for speakers, receiver and hopefully dvd player

the room

1920s open living room/dining room

about 30' long and 11' wide, 9' coved celings (non-rectangular space due to fireplace, built-ins etc.)

lathe/plaster and wood paneled walls, oak floors


some of the HTIB type options (denon S-301, Niro 1.1 proII, yamaha ysp-1) look attractive because there are very few wires and speakers to deal with and speaker placement in my room seems like it could be tough. But maybe placing speakers and running wires in my room isn't as tough as I'm thinking and a component 5.1 system would be better??

any advice appreciated

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