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Hey all, Im searching for a projector that can fill a screen (at 4:3) between 140" and 180" from a distance of 8.2' or rather 2.5m.

I need to fill a vertical distance between 7' and 9' but am locked into shooting from precisely 2.5m, and as stated will be shooting in 4:3.

ideally 1080 as a minimum vertical res...

Any and ALL suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


This is NOT for a home theater application, this is to be used in a flight simulator application. I have a cylindrical screen with a radius of 2.5m. I am planing to shoot it with 3 projectors ideally all stacked in the dead center of the arc (for focusing reasons.)

My screen is 9' high however from a legal standpoint I can go no smaller than 7' (to maintain a minimum of 40 deg field of view.) 4:3 is the most practical aspect ratio from the stand point of the simulator software...
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