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Best Buy Psp Hell....

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Sorry to the Mods if this is not allowed but I could think of no other place to turn then the brilliant minds I have seen and met in this forum.

My Sammy TV losts its video board, had the PSP, called for a service guy.

He actually shows up.

He has BB on the phone to walk him through the service job, he is in the theater room and we are in the next so he speaker phones it thinking we can not hear their conversation.

BB Service Tech: Picture is going... BB Service On Phone: It is one of two things.........Customer has cheap cables or to many things plugged into the tv.

So now I am worried, I cant beleive the nerve, and I sit in the room with the tech.......The tech, he is a whole other story. Finally resolve that new part needs to be ordered, part ordered from my house, 7-10 days to get and repair.......no call came..called to get status, part is on the way will get a call, no call came, caleld again, part was never ordered have to get reaserched will get a call...no call came.......called store manager, youl get a call, called BB relations, youll get a call......no call.....

Now I am not as ignorant as they think I am and I have read of this history of BB and have had first hand experience once all ready..

Im just frustrated to no end and thought I would turn to the brightest minds out there to see if any one had similiar issues and resolutions or to get an honest opinion if I am just screwed...

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Try to find a regional or district supervisor. If that doesn't work the next stop is the Better Business Bureau.
title should read "Best Buy PSP = Hell" (former employee)

Your best shot is to go in to a store and raise a stink (without cursing and whatnot), and escalate it as high as you can. They WILL bend, but it takes some doing.
Utterly amazing. The treatment varies by region and store, but this is something BB doesn't really seem to care about, once they have the money.

see: http://www.bestbuysux.org/index1.html

Its a very long litany of people's troubles with BB. Most are people who expect way too much of a retailer. But, the similarity of the PSP stories from across the country lends creedence that BB isn't all that interested in service after the sale, unless the store is.

The commonality of the experiences seen here, tells me it is near to the truth. I'll never buy anything big from them unless they are the only outlet. If only to forego the PSP sales onslaught.

Go to the store and calmly raise a stink and tell the BBB if it goes no where. What you are experiencing is just wrong.
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Thanks for the help.......ill keep my saga updated if it gets intersting which im sure it will
Your best shot is to go in to a store and raise a stink (without cursing and whatnot), and escalate it as high as you can. They WILL bend, but it takes some doing.
Had to do this when my 6 month old Sony Sat receiver died. Took nearly 2 months at there service center to tell me it is not repairable. I went into the store WITH cursing and whatnots.

In the end I got a brand new off the shelf unit, $50 cash back and a $25 gift card. Basically, my entire Sat system was free after all was said and done but it took cursing, I suggest you use it, loudly in front of a lot of customers.
Originally posted by Marc Slater
Your best shot is ...
In these PC times, I will leave the rest to your imagination, but I liked that phrase.

Oh, come on, I'm kidding! :eek:
another hour of my life i will never get back only to be told, part research has to look into it and I will get a call back...........i have spent over 3 hours of my time calling them without a single call back in a month........oh yes........$300 for a service plan.......what a steal....
District manager is the way to go. Yell and yell loudly:)
Originally posted by EchoBaseGeek
oh yes........$300 for a service plan.......what a steal....
I think you said more than you intended and you certainly summed it up, it was a "steal".
There is no need to yell or make a fool of yourself. They are obviously so far in the wrong it's not funny. What ever you do don't threaten legal action. No one that you talk could give a sh!t if you sue so you'll just look stupid. Take your TV, PSP, and Receipt back to the store. Walk out with either a new TV, full refund, or both.

I was hoping you would chime in on this, thanks for looking and responding, I just hate to lug a TV of that size back to the store only to be told, sorry, parts reasearch has to look into it........what kills me in this whole mess is that a) this would never be resolved if I had not made the calls I am making b) I paid 300 bucks to them and I am doing all the work..

The saddest part of all of this is that the 4 people I talked to yesterday, all came across , in speaking to me, how they spoke to me, that I am being unrational to expect that after a month of no contact and many lies and bs, that I should be happy that they are looking into it.

BTW, I have been a customer service trainer for call centers for over 5 years, so I am the last person to scream and rant on the phone.

I am very nice.

Until, as Dalton says,

"it's time to not be nice"
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Your situation sucks, and you should contact their district manager immediately. You paid for the service plan, and they should back it up. If they are not willing to send someone out ASAP to fix the product, demand a new. If they refuse, contact the Better Business Bureau, like someone else suggested.

With that said, why anyone would buy any major electronics or appliances from Best Buy is beyond me. Their service is generally reported as being horrible. I only buy CDs, DVDs, and sometimes video games there, personally.
Because they had what I wanted much cheaper than tweeter (DLP) last year.

I'm very concerned because my bulb will die some day. I hope it is a long time from now. I fear BB will try to install the new bulb without the new housing (my HLN from last year) or not show or claim there are no bulbs or something. Maybe because they only have to replace a bulb they'll actually do it, since my PSP was more than the bulb cost.

Anyone have good results with them? Some hope?

Rich N.
Originally posted by EchoBaseGeek

....Customer has cheap cables or to many things plugged into the tv.

Now I am not as ignorant as they think I am and I have read of this history of BB and have had first hand experience once all ready..

t o see if any one had similar issues

Seems to me since you had heard of these service nightmares, you shouldn't be surprised at your predicament..

When you buy an expensive piece from a place that sells dishwashers, computers and is a mega chain....these problems are part of the deal. Remember, you knew of these stories prior...

This is the hard lessen of when you pay less for something, you pay more later. Best Buy seduces folks with their low pricing but after the sale, if there is a problem, you are out of luck...Perhaps a dedicated HT store would have been more accommodating.

If it is new, I would stop your Visa payment (but they may have enticed you with the 1 year same as cash). Stop a check or otherwise try and withhold payment. Try and get a new unit!!
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you are right and it is a matter of how they get us in, lower cost for impatient HT geeks as myself who cant wait that extra year to buy from the right place, as everything this is a learning experience and I know now to thank my lucky stars that I have 4 HT shops within 20 minutes of me and they will get my business from this point on....unfortunately this was a have to touch the stove to see its hot even though I have been told it is, expereince.....

BTW.....got a call from the tech who is fixing my part this morning........turns out, he says that he has had the part all along and forgot that it was for my tv......

i might have it fixed by next week........but now im even more afraid..........

Looks like its time to go the FP route.......off to the HT shop...
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as the service plan turns....continues....

so the tech comes over today to fix the tv.......originally told me it would take a few hours, i get a call at work 1/2 hour later from the wife to be, tv is still not fixed, i call the repiarman back to have him come see why its not working, on the phone his response was, your cable box is bad????

so i tell him to come back and keep the jokes in the car

call best buy......speak with their customer relations........explain my story.....again.......response was this, sir we are still researching to find out where your part is and we will escalte this to a supervisor to figure out just where your part is and call you back...

now im stuned..........the part is in my tv (alleged) and they are telling me that they still have to research this to find out where the part is..

my deer in head lights fades but not before the girl can tell me that parts research will call me back and she is sorry they still have not found my part and have a nice day.....end of call...

So I call back again,. mind u i left work early to come deal with this, losing a half days pay.....

I get another guy and ask for a supervisor, no luck, he needs the whole story again before he will transfer, they must get docked pay if they transfer calls, anyway, tell him the story and about my conversation not 5 minutes ago being told I have to still wait for a part that was lost knowing it is down in my tv, (alleged again)........so he senses that something is not right finally, a HUGE opps on their part, talk about one hand not knowing the other,,,im on hold again......

comes back on the line and tells me that management will not speak to me becasue i filed a consumer complaint with our local AG's office and to have a nice day...end of call....

their response to some one seeking consumer protection was to tell the consumer to piss off.....i think i proved my complaint that they where unwilling and down right refusing to work with me to just simply fix or replace the tv..

WOW...........in the meantime tech has come back to my suprise, goes one for a few minutes about how its the dvdv player fault, ok les plug in the other dvd palyer, nope that one is bad too, ok how about th cable box, nope bad, ok how about the reciever, nope........well.......ok so the tv is bad and i have no idea why.........I am going to recomend they replace because i cant fix it.........have a nice day, expect a call........

TV is still broken............Best Buy wont talk to me to just simply fix the problem which is all I want....

Im exhausted from this....

Thank you for allowing me to rant, im not trying to sway anyones opinion on BB........just offer a story up to you, if you are thinking about buying a tv or anything over 20 bucks from there.....
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I sympathize. I worked for them one Christmas P/T. They push the PSP very hard at the morning and Saturday meetings, saying how great the profit margin is. They little mention how good it is for the customer. The pressure on the employees to sell them is quite acute .

Now I see that it is a real crap shoot and one I will forever avoid with them. Oh, and also because their repair system lost a woman's laptop and they refused to replace it or do anything for her except promise to look real hard for it. I watched this drama with my own eyes and found it astonishing and reprehensible.

Also, Avoid their instore computer techs unless you know them well. Had a friend inquire what RAM to use for his Gateway. It took him nearly a month to get it back to normal as they were quite wrong in their recommendation.
It's not just the big box stores that treat you like you don't exist whne you need service. I had a bad experience at a local H/T specialty store.

I had purchased a rather expensive DVD player in November and it broke in February and I took it expecting to be without it for about three weeks.

It took a week for them to get it on the bench and then another three weeks for them to figure out what was wrong. It was at this point they found ou that the manufacturer wouldn't let them fix it and it had to be sent back which took another 4 weeks.

What really got me was the lack of concern about the length of time. The service manager didn't think this was a problem and was less than concerned and the guys who had to answer my calls seemed annoyed that I kept bothering them.

I kind of think that eight weeks to fix a dvd player is out of line. Does this happen in other industries?

Can you imagine dropping your car off at the dealership and being told that it would take a month or two to repair or they are looking for parts?
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Originally posted by EchoBaseGeek
as the service plan turns....continues....
Well it sounds like this has been going on for over a month. Wow. I am a very patient person and rarely get upset with any type of customer service/retail people, because it usually won't get you anywhere that being nice won't, but if I were you I would have my foot up someone's ass.

BTW, nice use of Roadhouse :)
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