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Best Buy Screwed UP! In a good way :)

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I picked up my Mitsubishi 52525 today from Best Buy. I paid $2500 for an open box buy and when I brought it home and opened it, it was a brand new TV. Not a bad deal.

Everything was great until I hooked up my XBOX HD cables. OMG talk about eye strain. The rainbow effect is extremely bad, I can barely see as I type this. After just 20 minutes of playing xbox I had to turn it off.

This concerns me, I don't want to take this beauty back.

Has anyone had this rainbow effect with their xbox? The other channels look ok as of now. I will report more later.

Also I'm trying to pick up HD stations but can't seem to figure out how. I know the tv has an integrated hd tuner, I have an antenna hooked up. But how do I punch in an HD station?
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Rainbows - what game/s are you playing? You're more likely to see rainbows when: A) you have a small bright area surrounded by large black area, and B) you dart your eyes around a lot. If you're sitting really close to the TV, B will be exaggerated, because you have to move your eyes further, faster, to see.

And you probably don't see it on other channels, because you're not viewing content that meets the requirements of A, and you're not needing to dart your eyes around as in B.

I used to see rainbows, after I read about them here, on my Samsung DLP. After a while, I stopped seeing them almost completely. For the past 6-7 months, I barely see them at all - maybe 2-3 times a month, and minor rainbows at that.

Also, make sure your XBox is outputting 480p and above, in ws (set from dashboard).

As far as getting HD stations OTA with the tuner and an antenna, read your manual and make sure you have the TV set to receive OTA HD signals properly.
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Thanks for the reply man, I believe I might be sitting too close, It's a 52" tv and i'm sitting 7' feet away. Is this too close?
I have a 43", and my eyes are about 8 1/2 to 9' away when I'm on the couch. Although I could have gotten away with a 50", I think 56" might be pushing it, if you want quality over size. Try backing a few feet away and see how different it looks. I know that on my set, getting 2-3' closer can show a lot of bad stuff that blends in when I sit at my normal distance.

Case in point -- I was standing in the return line at Frye's Electronics, and they had a trailer for the Aviator looping on a TV (LCD-RP or DLP or something). It looked "fine" from 30' away or so, where I was. But afterwards, as I walked towards the TV, just as I imagined the picture got softer and I saw a lot of flaws/digital artifacts, even at 10-12'.

If you find that it looks better at 9' than at 7', move your TV back on its stand, your seating back, etc. and find that optimal distance.
rule of thumb is to sit at least 2x the diagonal away from the tv, so 104 inches or about 9 feet is recommended.
BTW, you should also play around with the User Menu settings a little. Here are a few links that will help you get a better picture without any real technical knowledge or calibration test discs, etc.:

Basic tips on adjusting settings (actual #s may or may not apply to you, as different TV types and brands have different scales and defaults):

Theory and advice on adjusting settings by eye:
The rainbows are making me sick. I can't believe it, I was so jacked when I opened the box and it was a brand new TV. Now it looks like it might not work out. I'll continue to mess with the settings.
Are you looking for them because you know they exist? Or do you see them even without trying?

I can make myself see them, but rarely see them naturally anymore.
everybody in my house is seeing them without trying, it's bad enough to hurt your eyes, I think we're too close though. I might move the tv to another wall.
Are they seeing them naturally? Or did you actually tell them that if they turn their eyes/head really fast they might see them?

If you look for them on purpose, you'll see them. But if you just "watch" the TV, at a good distance (maybe 9-10' for your set), if you really do see them naturally, then give it a few days or a week or so and see if they go away. If not, break out your receipt and consider another technology.
We're rearranging furniture right now so we're farther apart the distance seems to be helping the rainbows.

By any chance, are you sitting in the dark watching this bright screen??
we tried both with lighting and without, moderate, dark, and bright
You should only see rainbows on material that has small patches of bright light surrounded by dark area - think a mouse cursor on a black screen, or a candle burning in a dark room. The faster your eyes jerk away from that area, the worse the rainbow will be. If you sit there, jerking your eyes around the screen, you're probably going to see them, assuming you have the right source material.
OK i moved the furniture ten feet away, i have moderate light in the room and best of all I removed the diamond shield. This TV is not watchable for me in a dark room, I can't see afterwards. Removing the shield made the picture twice as good in HD material (I'm watching CSI). If you have this TV remove the shield immediately, you won't be sorry.
so are you seeing "rainbows"?
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