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Best calibration software for computer displays? (LG Ultra Fine)

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I have bough the LG 32UN880 Ultra Fine display and it's great! But now I'm wondering what software I can use to calibrate it?
I have settings in OSD so I can do much of the work there so I don't need to profile it so much.
I have CMS and also Hue etc.

I do own a LG TV also so I was thinking of the CalMan Home LG as I did have a old license for the CalMan Euthiast I can't upgrade it to get i1display Pro Plus support that's the meter I have today.

Also I'm running MacBook Pro (m1)
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Ah, great thread and just in time. I have questions as well. Don't mean to hijack yours. sorry.

From what I have read, the free DisplayCal software is really good. It's what I'm using right now as I am getting closer and closer to the calibration I want.
I have an Omen 27i Wide Color Gamut display (W-LED I think) so I tried the standard 80cdm2 up to 120cdm2 and both ended up looking horrible IMO.
This is an IPS display, my 2nd one as the first one had terrible backlight bleed and was exchanged. This is the first IPS display I have owned. I'm a CRT/S-PVA guy.

The place I'm at now is as follows:

i1Display Pro Plus Colorimeter
DisplayCal Software
LCD Generic
Correction is LCD PFS Phosper W-LED Family
Full Range RGB
Rec. 1886 gamma 2.4
Also did one with Gamma 2.2

Nits are around 250 (actually 280~) intead of 80 or 100 or even 120. I go this high, as it appears to really help with black levels. I can now play a game like Control (Horrible black levels and strange lighting) and everything looks very close to the screenshots released by the devs. So, I'm on the right track, I think.

Measured contrast is 890~ which is closer to the advertised 1000 than any review out there.

Like you though, I'm not entirely sure what I should be doing or if this software is the right stuff. I probably should use a spectrophotometer instead of a Colorimeter.
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I'm using both displaycal and i1 profiler to calibrate my macbook, they are the same. The white led edr in i1 profiler is the same as it is in displaycal and they seem to have similar functionality and produce the same calibration results. You can measure color temperature and luminance uniformity with i1 profiler though, haven't seen this in displaycal. For TV calibration get HCFR, it's free and has everything for calibrating both hdr and sdr besides autocal.
LG has its own hardware calibration tool for this monitor which uses a bunch of common colorineters like yours. by far the best option because it adjusts the panel itself and does not just create a LUT for your GPU.

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