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Sorry I've seen similar questions pop up before, but times moves on and options change, also peoples requirements are different.

Here are my requirements

- will be used predominately sports type work from childrens football games to small radio controlled models. Both small fast and irratic.

- that said I'll also useing for general familly holidays and events.

- auto focus needs to be real quick.

- shutter speed needs to be controllable

- slow motion modes are interesting and would be used.

- ideally it would be hard disk based, although thats just convenience so not a deal breaker

- majority of my work ends up on the web / computer monitor

I currently have a sony SR11 but from use so far the lack of shutter control and slow autofocus lets it down.

So I'm up for suggestions, budget is £1000 or less.

Out on left field is the CAsioo EX-F1, I know it nots really a camcorder but could it realistically be used as one? Maybe its a none starter but I thought I'd throw it in there for debate. I also read somewhere that some of the JVC models have a slowmo option.

Or failing all that perhaps you could suggest someways to get more out of my sony SR11

All help appreciated.

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