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Off top of my head...

LG LVB418 - Faroudja

Samsung DVD-HD960 - Faroudja

Oppo 981HD - Faroudja

Yamaha S2500 - Faroudja

There were previous versions of the above models that upscaled to only 1080i.

Oppo 983HD - Anchor Bay

Denon DVD-2930/3930 - Realta

Toshiba XDE500/600 - XDE - made the good mastered DVD, even better (almost HD-like) and the bad mastered, even worse (amplified the flaws in PQ).

I thought the players with plain old Mediatek chipset were fine upscalers, especially Philips 5990/5992 which pretty much played anything avi.

For DVD playback, I think current blu ray players are not as good as above mentioned DVD players with the exception of handful like Oppo.
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