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Hi, everyone,

help me please with this cinema set. I don`t know is best way?

Onkyo HT-S7805 vs DENON AVR-S750H + Polk Audio T15 + T30 + T50.
Price: around 990 EUR for Onkyo vs similiar Denon without subwoofer and atmos.

I have room 4,5m x 5meters around 22 - 23m2.
I have PC only with Gainward GPU Nvidia 1060 HDMI 2.0 out.
I want get from PC sound with HDMI... TrueHD, DTS-HD Masters, Dolby Atmos 1:1 to receiver.
Looking on monitor only (connected with from DVI).
Sound card is integrated VIA 7.1 motherboard ASUS P7P55D-E PRO.
Later upgrade: UHD4K monitor 43` and PC only.

I looking movies full quality blu-ray and 4K (60 - 80GB movie).

I would like good sound for this movies and PC games.
I know not perfect Atmos, but I like placebo Atmos with repro to ceiling.
I can buy maybe for Denon S750H subwoofer (Polk Audio HTS 10) and atmos (Magnat Shadow 102) over time.

I want to know the Onkyo lineup isn't better tuned?
or i get a better sound with Denon?
Will calibration and setup be easy with Denon?

Both systems can play music with subwoofer? I like bass and listen electronic music.

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