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Hi Guys & Gals,

How's about a List giving the best format and edition for movies?

For example, there are a number of films which were very poorly released on Madacy or other makeshift DVD labels, and that however got a very good transfer onto Laserdisc.

By the same token, there are films which either had the incorrect format or a dismal release on Laserdisc which have been restored and released to DVD.

Here's just one example of the difficult choice of release:

Type in the keyword "Charade" in the search window at the upper left:

Which one to buy? Price is often not representative of transfer quality, and the review feedback is usually not format or release specific, thus provides little guidance, with a noteworthy exception for this title where apparently only the Criterion edition has good picture quality.

What we might want to do is create a Movie Master List, with a short code system to comment on the quality of various transfers?

Sure, some websites exist, but they hardly list many films, and usually stick to comparing a couple of editions on DVD out of quite a few more. Fewer yet compare Pal Region 2, 4 or 5 editions with Region 1 releases. Many cinema buffs are ready to go that extra mile to find the ultimate edition bringing them that much closer to the movie theater experience.

Let me know what you'd advise.


Looks like I'll start the list in this first post, presenting them in alphabetical order as you give details. I've added the film's original theatrical release date (not the LD or DVD edition date) as many titles came out in numerous versions over the years, sometimes as remakes, sometimes not. If you don't know which release is the best, but do happen to know by your own misfortune which one to avoid, let us know too!

If you are curious about the movies in the list, here are a couple of links to read up on them and even sometimes view a theatrical trailer:

Internet Movie Database
All Movie Guide

100 Men and a Girl: (LD)
20 Million Miles to Earth: (LD)
39 Steps: DVD
4 For Texas: LD
5 Easy Pieces: DVD
8 1/2: DVD
Abbott and Costello In Hollywood: (LD)
Abbott and Costello Keep 'em Flying: (LD)
Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: (LD)
Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein: (LD)
Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer: (LD)
Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man: (LD)
Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy: (LD)
Abbott and Costello Naughty Nineties: (LD)
Abbott and Costello Rio Rita: (LD)
Abbott and Costello Lost in a Harem: (LD)
Absent Minded Professor: (LD) B&W or Colorized
Adventures of Robin Hood: (LD: Criterion) 1938
Affairs of Annabel: (LD)
Affair in Trinidad: (LD)
After the Thin Man: (LD)
Against All Flags: (LD)

Air Force One: DVD
Alamo: (LD: full version in box set - cut version on DVD)
Alamo BAY: (LD)
Alias Jesse James: (LD)
American Buffalo: (LD)
American Grafitti: DVD
An American Tail: Fievel Goes West : (LD)
Anastasia: (LD WS) 1956
And God Spoke: (LD)
Andy Hardy Meets Debutante: (LD)
Andy Hardy's Private Secretary: (LD)
Angels in the Outfield: (LD) 1951
Angels in the Outfield: (LD) WS
Angels over Broadway: (LD)
Angels with Dirty Faces: (LD)
Anna Christie: (LD)
Anna Karenina: (LD)
Another Thin Man: (LD)
Apache: (LD)
Apartment: (LD) WS
Appaloosa: (LD)
Around the World in 80 Days: (LD)
Artists and Models: (LD)
Asphalt Jungle: (LD)
Athena: (LD)
Atlantis: (LD)
Atlantis, The Lost Continent: (LD)
At the Circus: (LD)
Austin Powers: DVD
Austin Powers II: DVD
Autobiography of a Princess: (LD)
Avanti!: (LD WS)
Babes in Arms: (LD)
Babes In Toyland: (LD)
Babes on Broadway: (LD)
Baby Boom: (LD)
Bad Day at Black Rock: (LD WS)
Bad Sleep Well: (LD) WS
Bagdad Cafe: (LD) WS
Ballad of Cable Hogue: (LD)
Band Wagon: (LD)
Barbarella: DVD
Barbary Coast: (LD)
Barefoot in the Park: DVD
Beast with 5 Fingers: (LD)
Beautiful Blonde From Bashful Bend: (LD)
Beauty and the Beast: Criterion DVD
Bellboy: (LD)
Belle of New York: (LD)
Belle of the Nineties: (LD)
Bells Are Ringing: (LD)
Ben-Hur: DVD
Berlin, Symphony of a Great City: (LD)
Best Foor Forward: (LD)
Best Man: (LD)
Beverly Hills Cop I: (LD WS)
Beverly Hills Cop II: (LD WS)
Beverly Hills Cop III: (LD WS)
Beware my Lovely: (LD)
Big Boy: (LD) 1930
Big Deal on Madonna Street: (LD)
Big Jim McLain: (LD)
Big Parade: (LD) USA
Big Store: (LD)
Big Street: (LD)
Birdman of Alcatraz: (LD)
Birds: DVD
Bishop's Wife: (LD)
Black Like Me: (LD)
Black Sunday: (R2-France DVD)
Blessed Event: (LD)
Bliss of Mrs Blossom: (LD)
Blonde Crazy: (LD)
Blonde Venus: (LD)
Blood Alley: (LD) WS
Blowing Wild: (LD)
Blow Up: (LD WS)
Blues Brothers: DVD
Bob le Flambeur: (LD)
Bobo: (LD WS)
Bombshell: (LD)
Boom Town: (LD)
Bound (1996): on UK R2 DVD: widescreen and good transfer
Boyfriend: (LD WS)
Boys From Brazil: DVD
Bride Came C.O.D.: (LD)
Brigadoon: DVD
Broadway Melody of 1940: (LD)
Brother Orchid: (LD)
Bullets or Ballots: (LD)
Bullfighter and the Lady: (LD)
Bullitt: DVD
Buona Sera, Mrs Campbell: (LD WS)
Cabaret: DVD
Cactus Flower: (LD)
Cage aux Folles I: (LD WS)
Cage aux Folles II: (LD WS)
Call Northside 777: (LD)
Cameraman: (LD)
Camille: (LD)
Captains of the Clouds: (LD)
Car Wash: DVD
Casablanca: DVD
Casino Royale: DVD
Chained: (LD)
Chain Lightning: (LD)
Champagne for Caesar: (LD)
Chaplin's Mutual Films: (R2 France DVD)
Charade (1963): Criterion edition DVD (only good transfer)
Charlie Chan in the Secret Service: (LD)
Charlie Chan: Meeting at Midnight: (LD)
Charlie Chan: The Chinese Cat: (LD)
Charlie Chan: The Jade Mask: (LD)
Charlie Chan: The Scarlet Clue: (LD)
Charlie Chan: The Shangai Cobra: (LD)
Chase: (LD) 1966
Chinatown: DVD
Chisum: (LD WS)
Christmas in Connecticut: (LD) 1947
Christmas in July: (LD)
Circus: (LD)
City for Conquest: (LD)
City Slickers: DVD
City Slickers II: (LD) WS
Clash of the Titans: (LD)
Cloak and Dagger: (LD)
Clock: (LD)
Cocoon: (LD)
Cocoon: The Return: (LD)
Cold Turkey: (LD)
Come Dance with Me: DVD
Court Martial of Billy Mitchell: (LD WS)
Covered Wagon: (LD)
Cover Girl: (LD)
Cowboy and the Lady: (LD)
Crime of Monsieur Lange: (LD)
Crocodile Dundee: DVD
Crocodile Dundee II: DVD
Crowd (LD): USA
Cyrano de Bergerac: (LD)
Daddy Long Legs: (LD WS) 1955
Dakota: (LD)
Dames: (LD)
Dance, Fools, Dance: (LD)
Dandy in Aspic: (LD) WS
Dangerous: (LD)
Dark Victory: (LD)
Date with Judy: (LD)
David Copperfield: (LD)
Day at the Races: (LD)
Day the Earth Stood Still: (LD WS)
Dead End: (LD)
Dead Reckoning: (LD)
Death of a Scoundrel: (LD)
Deconstructing Harry: DVD
Defending Your Life: (LD WS)
Delicate Delinquent: (LD) USA
Demi-Paradise: (LD)
Designing Woman: (LD WS)
Desperadoes of the West: (LD)
Desperate Hours: (LD)
Destry Rides Again: (LD)
Dial M for Murder: (LD)
Diane: (LD WS)
Diary of Anne Frank: (LD WS)
Dinner at Eight: (LD) 1933
Diplomaniacs: (LD)
Doctor Zhivago: DVD
Doctor X: (LD)
Dodge City: (LD)
Dollars: (LD)
Dolly Sisters: (LD)
Down Among the Z-Men: (LD)
Down and Out in Beverly Hills: (LD)
Down to Earth: (LD)
Dracula: Dead and Loving it: (LD WS)
Dream Team: (LD)
Dr Doolittle: DVD
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: (LD) 1932
Dr No: DVD
Dry White Season: (LD)
Dubarry was a Lady: (LD)
Duck Soup: (LD)
Dumb and Dumber: (LD)
Each Dawn I Die: (LD)
Eagle: (LD)
Easter Parade: (LD)
East of Eden: (LD)
Egg and I:
Eight on the Lam: (LD WS)
Empire Strikes Back: (LD WS)
Employee's Entrance: (LD)
Enforcer: (LD)
Errand Boy: (LD)
Escape to Witch Mountain: (LD)
E.T. The Extra Terrestrial: (LD WS: non-censored release)
Everybody Sing: (LD)
Everthing I Have Is Yours: (LD
Exodus: (LD WS)
Extra Girl: (LD)
Facts of Life: (LD WS)
Family Business: (LD)
Farewell to Arms: DVD
Farmer Takes a Wife: (LD)
Father of the Bride: (LD) 1950
Fat Man and Little Boy: (LD)
Faust: (LD)
FBI Story: (LD)
Fearless Vampire Killers: (LD WS)
Fedora: (LD) WS
Female: (LD)
Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fumanchu: (LD) WS
Fifth Avenue Girl: (LD)
Fifth Element: R1 Superbit DVD
Fistful of Dollars: DVD
Fistful of Dynamite: (LD) WS
Five Weeks in a Balloon: (LD) WS
Flesh and the Devil: (LD)
Follow that Dream: (LD) WS
Follow the Fleet: (LD)
Footlight Parade: (LD)
Foreign Correspondent: (LD)
Forsaking All Others: (LD)
For the First Time: (LD)
For Your Eyes Only: DVD
Four Musketeers: DVD
Francis Goes to the Races: (LD)
Francis the Talking Mule: (LD)
Freaks: DVD
Freaky Friday: (LD)
From Russia with Love: DVD
Front: (LD)
Fuller Brush Girl: (LD)
Fuller Brush Man: (LD)
Funny Bones: (LD WS)
Funny Face: DVD
Gabriel Over the White House: (LD)
Gaslight: (LD)
Gator: (LD) WS
Gay Divorcee: (LD)
Genevieve: R2 UK DVD
General: (LD)
George of the Jungle: DVD
Get Shorty: DVD
Ghost: (LD) WS
Ghostbusters: DVD
Girl Crazy: (LD)
Girl From Missouri: (LD)
Girl in Every Port: (LD)
Give a Girl a Break: (LD)
Glass Key: (LD)
'G' Men: (LD)
G-Men vs the Black Dragon: (LD)
Godfather Trilogy: DVD
Go Into Your Dance: (LD) 1935
Goldeneye: DVD
Goldfinger: DVD
Golden Voyage of Sinbad: DVD
Golddiggers of 1933: (LD)
Gone With the Wind: DVD
Goodbye Mr Chips: (LD)
Good, The Bad and the Ugly: DVD
Go West: (LD)
Grand Hotel: (LD)
Great Lie: (LD)
Great McGinty: (LD)
Green for Danger: (LD)
Grim Reaper: (LD)
Guest Wife: (LD)
Gumball Rally: (LD) WS
Gunfighter: (LD)
Gun Fury: (LD)
Gung Ho: (LD)
Guys and Dolls: DVD
Hallelujah, I'm a Bum!: (LD)
Hard Way: (LD)
Harlem Nights: (LD)

Harvey Girls (LD)
Having a Wonderful Time: (LD)
Hearts of the World: (LD)
Heaven: (LD)
Heaven Can Wait 1943: (LD)
Heaven Can Wait 1978: DVD
Hello Dolly: (LD) WS
Here Comes Mr Jordan: (LD)
Here Come the Girls: (LD)
Here's Looking at You: (LD)
High Anxiety: (LD)
High Society: (LD) WS
Hit the Deck: (LD)
Hoffa: (LD) WS
Hold That Ghost: (LD)
Hole in the Head: (LD) WS
Holy Man: DVD
Hollywood Canteen: (LD)
Honky Tonk: (LD)
Horse's Mouth: (LD) WS
Hostile Guns: (LD)
Hot Rock: (LD) WS
How to Get Ahead in Advertising: (LD) WS
How to Murder Your Wife: (LD)
Hucksters: (LD)
Human Comedy: (LD)
Humoresque: (LD)
Hustler: (LD) WS
I am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang: (LD)
I am the Law: (LD)
Ikiru: (LD)
I Love Melvin: (LD)
I Love You Alice B. Toklas: (LD)
I Married a Witch: (LD)
I'm No Angel: (LD)
I'm not a Rappaport: (LD) WS
Indiana Jones Trilogy: (LD) WS
Inner Space: (LD) WS
Inn of the Sixth Happiness: (LD)
International House: (LD)
Invaders from Mars (1953): better transfer on LD than on UA DVD
Invisible Agent: (LD)
Invisible Man Returns: (LD)
Invisible Man's Revenge: (LD)
Invisible Ray: (LD)
Invisible Woman: (LD)
In Which We Serve: R2 UK DVD
I Remember Mama: (LD)
Irma La Douce: DVD
Isn't Life Wonderful: (LD)
Italian Job: (LD) WS
It Came from Beneath the Sea: (LD)
It Happened in Brooklyn: (LD)
It's A Great Feeling: (LD)
It's Always Fair Weather: (LD) WS
It Started with Eve: (LD)
It! The Terror from Beyond Space: (LD)
I've Always Loved You: (LD)
James Brothers of Missouri: (LD)
Jane Eyre: (LD)
Jazz Singer: (LD) 1927
Jesse James: (LD) 1939
Jesse James Rides Again: (LD)
Jim Thorpe - All American: (LD) 1951
Johnny Come Lately: (LD)
Johnny Tremain: (LD)
Jolson Sings Again: (LD)
Jolson Story: (LD)
Jour de Fete: R2 France DVD

Journey into Fear (LD)
Jungle Book, Rudyard Kipling's: (LD) WS 1994
Just For You: (LD)
Kentuckian: (LD) WS see Apache
Key Largo: DVD
Keys of the Kingdom: (LD)
Khartoum: (LD) WS
Kid from Brooklyn: (LD)
Kid Millions: (LD)
Kidnapped: (LD)
Kind Hearts and Coronets: R2 France DVD (Noblesse Oblige)
King Kong: (LD) USA
King in New York: R2 France DVD
King of Kings: LD
Kings Go Forth: (LD)
King Solomon's Mines (1950): LD WS
Kings Row: (LD)
Kiss: (LD)
Kisses For My President: (LD)
Kiss Me Deadly: (LD)
Kiss Me Stupid: (LD) WS
Kitty Foyle: (LD)
Klondike Annie: (LD)
Knack and How to Get It: (LD) WS
Ladies Man: (LD)
Ladies They Talk About: (LD)
La Dolce Vita: R2 France DVD
Lady in Question: (LD)
Lady Killer: (LD)
Lady Vanishes: DVD
Land Unknown: (LD) WS
La Strada: LD
Late Show: (LD)
Le Corniaud: R2 France DVD (only in French)
Leech Woman: (LD)
Le Mans: (LD) WS
Le Mepris: R2 France DVD
Le Million: DVD
Le Professionel: R2 France DVD
Le President: R2 France DVD
Les Comperes: R2 France DVD
Les Femmes: DVD
Les Girls: (LD) WS
Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot: R2 France DVD
Letter From an Unknown Woman: (LD)
Letter to Three Wives: (LD)
Licence to Kill: DVD
Life Begins for Andy Hardy: (LD)
Lifeboat: (LD)
Life of Emile Zola: (LD)
Life Stinks: (LD)
Life with Mikey: (LD) WS
Lightening Jack: (LD)
Little Big League: (LD) WS
Little Big Man: (LD) WS
Little Nellie Kelly: (LD)
Little Women: (LD) 1933
Live and Let Die: DVD
Living Out Loud: DVD
Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner: (LD)
Lonely Hearts: (LD)
Long Day's Journey Into Night: (LD)
Longest Yard: (LD)
Long Long Trailer: (LD)
Lost In Space: DVD
Lost Moment: (LD)
Love Affair: DVD
Love Finds Andy Hardy: (LD)
Lovely to Look At: (LD)
Love Me or Leave Me: (LD)
Love of Jeanne Ney: (LD)
Love on the Run: (LD)
Lover Come Back: (LD) WS
Lullaby of Broadway: (LD)
Luxury Liner: (LD)
Love Finds Andy Hardy: (LD)
Lust for Life: (LD) WS
Ma and Pa Kettle: (LD)
Macao: (LD)
Macbeth: (LD)
Madame Bovary: (LD)
Made In USA: R2 France DVD
Magic Christian: (LD)
Magic Town: (LD)
Malcolm: (LD)
Malcolm X: DVD
Mammy: (LD) 1930
Man from Planet X: (LD)
Man I Loved: (LD)
Man in the Iron Mask: (LD) WS
Man of La Mancha: (LD)
Man with Two Brains: DVD
Man who Came to Dinner: (LD)
Man who Could Work Miracles: (LD)
Man who Fell to Earth: DVD
Man who Knew Too Much (1934): DVD
Man Who Shot Liberty Valance: DVD
Marjorie Morningstar: (LD)
Marked Woman: (LD)
Mars Needs Women: (LD)
Mask: DVD
Mask of Zorro: DVD
Mass Appeal: (LD)
Master of the World: (LD) WS
Matrix: DVD
Maverick: DVD
McConnell Story: (LD)
Medium Cool: (LD) WS
Meet Me in St. Louis: (LD)
Men: (LD)
Metropolis: DVD
Milk Money: (LD) WS
Milky Way: (LD)

Miracle in Milan (LD)
Miracle of Morgan's Creek: (LD)
Miracle on 34th Street: (LD) colorized or (DVD B&W)
Misfits: (LD)
Miss Sadie Thompson: (LD)
Mo' Better Blues: DVD
Moby Dick: DVD
Mogambo: (LD)
Monkey Business: (LD) 1952
Monolith Monsters: (LD)
Monster on the Campus: (LD)
Monster that Challenged the World: (LD)
Moon is Blue: (LD)
Morocco: (LD)
Moulin Rouge: (LD)
Mouse That Roared: (LD)
Mr. Ace: (LD)
Mr. and Mrs. Smith: (LD)
Mr. Reliable: (LD) WS
Mr Skeffington: (LD)
Murder by Death: (LD) WS
Mutiny on the Bounty: (LD) 1935
Mutiny on the Caine: R2 DVD
My Father the Hero: (LD) WS
My Favorite Brunette: (poor DVD transfer)
My Favorite Martian: DVD
My Geisha: (LD) WS
My Man Godfrey: DVD
Mystery of the Wax Museum: (LD)
Nancy Goes to Rio: (LD)
Naughty Girl: DVD
Never on Sunday: (LD) WS
Newsies: (LD) WS DVD
New York, New York: (LD) WS
Night After Night: (LD)
Ninotchka: (LD)
Nitwitts: (LD)
No Man of Her Own: (LD)1932
Nothing But A Man: (LD)
Nun's Story: (LD)
Odds Against Tomorrow: (LD)
Oh, God!: (LD)
Oldest Profession: (LD)
Oliver!: DVD
Oliver Twist: R2 UK DVD
On Approval: (LD)
One Million Years B.C.: (LD) WS
On Her Majesty's Secret Service: DVD
Only One Night: (LD)
On Moonlight Bay: (LD)
On The Town: (LD)
Operation Pacific: (LD)
Opus 1: (LD)
Oscar: (LD)
Oklahoma Kid: (LD)
One Million Years B.C.: (LD) WS
Orfeu ***** R2 France: DVD
Original Adventures of Baron Munchausen: (LD)
Our Dancing Daughters: (LD)
Our Modern Maidens: (LD)
Out to Sea: (LD) WS
Ox-Bow Incident: (LD)
Painted Stallion: (LD)
Paleface: (LD) USA
Palm Beach Story: (LD)
Palm Springs Story: (LD)
Panic in the Streets: (LD)
Paper Moon: DVD
Party: (LD) WS
Party Girl: (LD) WS
Patsy: (LD)
Pennies From Heaven: (LD)
Pete Kelly's Blues: (LD)
Pie in the Sky: (LD) WS 1987
Pirate: (LD)
Pitfall: (LD)
Pittsburgh: (LD)
Plainsman: (LD)
Play It Again Sam: (LD)
Plaza Suite: (LD)
Pleasantville: DVD
Please Don't Eat the Daisies: (LD) WS
Please Not Now!: DVD
Pocketful of Miracles: (LD) WS
Police Story: DVD Hong Kong Legends release (resized to 16:9)
Possessed (1930's): LD
Possessed: (LD) 1947
Postman Always Rings Twice: (LD)
Power: (LD) WS
President's Analyst: (LD)
Prince and the Showgirl: (LD)
Pursued: (LD)
Quai des Orfevres: R2 France DVD
Queen Christina: (LD)
Quiet Man: DVD
Race Street: (LD)
Radio Days: (LD) WS DVD
Rain Man: DVD
Rancho Notorious: (LD)
Random Harvest: (LD)
Rashomon: (LD)
Rasputin and the Empress: (LD)
Razor's Edge: (LD)
Real Glory: (LD)
Reckless: (LD)
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm: (LD)
Red Balloon: (LD)
Red Dust: (LD)
Red-Headed Woman: (LD)
Red Menace: (LD)
Red Planet Mars: (LD)
Red Pony: (LD)
Red Shoes: R2 UK DVD
Reds: DVD
Reluctant Debutantes: (LD) WS
Return of the Jedi: (LD) WS
Return of the Musketeers: (LD)
Rich, Young and Pretty: (LD)
Riff-Raff: (LD)
Rio Grande: DVD
Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond: (LD)
River of No Return: (LD) WS
Road to Morocco: (poor DVD transfer)
Road to Hong Kong: (LD)
Roadracers: (LD)
Roaring Twenties: (LD)
Robe: DVD
Robin and the 7 Hoods: (LD) WS
Robin Hood: Men in Tights: LD WS, soon DVD
Rocketeer: DVD
Rogue Trader: DVD
Roma: DVD
Romancing the Stone: (poor DVD transfer)
Roman Scandals: (LD)
Ruggles of Red Gap: (LD)
Ruthless People: (LD)
Sahara: (LD)
Sands of Iwo Jima: DVD
San Francisco: (LD)
Saturday Night and Sunday Morning: (LD)
Satyricon: (LD) WS
Say It With Songs: (LD) 1929
Sayonara: (LD) WS
Scaramouche: (LD)
Scared Stiff: LD
Scrooge: (LD) WS
Sea Hawk: (LD)
Sea Wolves: R2 UK DVD
Second Chorus: (LD)
Secret Agent: (LD) WS
Send Me No Flowers: (LD) WS
Separate Tables: (LD) WS
Seven Hills of Rome: (LD) WS
Seven Sinners: (LD)
Sex and the Single Girl: (LD)
Shadow of the Thin Man: (LD)
Shakiest Gun in the West: (LD) WS
Shall We Dance: (LD)
Shampoo: (LD) WS
Shanghai Express: (LD)
Shoes of the Fisherman: (LD) WS
Show Boat: (LD) 1929
Show Boat: (LD) 1936
Show Boat: (LD) 1951
Show Business: (LD) USA
Silent Movie: (LD)
Silk Stockings: (LD) WS
Since You Went Away: (LD)
Singing Fool: (LD) 1928
Singing in the Rain: DVD
Singing Kid: (LD) 1936
Single Standard: (LD)
Sirocco: (LD)
Sister Kenny: (LD)
Skyscraper Souls: (LD)
Small Town Girl: (LD) 1953
Solomon and Sheba: (LD) WS
Somebody up There Likes Me: (LD)
Some Came Running: (LD) WS
Some Kind of Hero: (LD) USA
Song of the Thin Man: (LD)
Son of Flubber: (LD) 1963
Son of Kong: (LD)
Son of the Sheik: (LD)
Son of Zorro: (LD)
Sons of Katie Elder: (LD)
Sorrowful Jones: (LD)
Spite Marriage: (LD)
Stage Door: (LD)
Stage Fright: (LD)
Stanno Tutti Bene: (LD)
Stargate: DVD
Star Wars: (LD) WS
State of the Union: (LD)
Sterile Cuckoo: (LD)
Story of Louis Pasteur: (LD)
Story of Robin Hood: (LD)
Strange Affair of Uncle Harry: (LD)
Strange Cargo: (LD)
Streetcar Named Desire: DVD
Strike Up the Band: (LD)
Stunt Man: (LD)
Sullivan's Travels: (LD)
Summer Holiday: (LD)
Summer Stock: (LD)
Sunshine Boys: (LD)
Support Your Local Sheriff: DVD
Suspicion: (LD)
Swan: (LD) WS
Swedenhielms: (LD)
Sweet Charity: (LD)
Swimmer: (LD)
Swing Time: (LD)
Sword and the Rose: (LD)
Taking Care of Business: (LD)
Tale of Two Cities: (LD) 1935
Tall Blond Man With One Black Shoe: (LD)
Tall In the Saddle: (LD)
Tap: (LD)
Taxi: R2 France DVD
TAXI 2: R2 France DVD
Tea and Sympathy: (LD) WS
Tea for Two: (LD)
Teacher's Pet: (LD) WS
Teahouse of the August Moon: (LD) WS
Tender Trap: (LD) WS
Texas Across the River: (LD) WS
Thank Your Lucky Stars: (LD)
That Midnight Kiss: (LD)
That's Entertainment I: (LD)
That's Entertainment II: (LD)
That's Entertainment III: (LD)
That's More Entertainment: (LD)
There Was a Crooked Man: (LD) WS
They Drive by Night: (LD)
Thief of Bagdad: (LD) 1924
Thin Man: (LD)
Thin Man Goes Home: (LD
This Could Be the Night: (LD) WS
This Gun For Hire: (LD)
Those Daring Young Men in their Jaunty Jalopies: (LD) WS
Thousand Clowns: (LD)
Three Cases of Murder: (LD)
Three for the Show: (LD) WS
Three on a Match: (LD)
Three Little Words: (LD)
Three Smart Girls: (LD)
Three Smart Girls Grow Up: (LD)
Thunderball: DVD
Till the Clouds Roll By: (LD) 1946
Time of Their Lives: (LD)
Time to Kill: (LD)
Titanic: (LD) 1953
Titanic: DVD
Toast of New Orleans: (LD)
To Be or Not To Be: (LD)
Tobor the Great: (LD)
To Catch a Thief: (LD)
Tokyo Joe: (LD)
Tom, Dick and Harry: (LD)
Tom Jones: LD WS (poor Pan&Scan DVD)
Tomorrow Never Dies: DVD
Tom Sawyer (1973): (LD) WS
Touchez Pas au Grisbi: R2 France DVD
Topaz: DVD 1969
Topaze: (LD) 1933
Top Hat: (LD)
Tora! Tora! Tora!: DVD
Torrid Zone: (LD)
Tough Guys: (LD)
Tower of London: (LD)
Trail of the Pink Panther: (LD)
Travels With My Aunt: (LD)
Treasure Island: R2 France DVD
Treasure of the Sierra Madre: (LD)
Tree Grows in Brooklyn: (LD)
Twenty One Days Together: (LD)
Twice Told Tales: (LD)
Twilight's Last Gleaming: (LD)
Twilight Zone: The Movie: (LD)
Two for the Road: (LD) WS
Two Girls and a Sailor: (LD)
Two Weeks in Another Town: (LD) WS
Two Weeks with Love: (LD) see Rich
Unfaithfully Yours: (LD)
Untouchables: DVD
Used Cars: (LD)
Vertigo: DVD
Victor Victoria: (LD) WS
Viva Villa: (LD)
Viva Zapata: (LD)
Wake of the Red Witch: (LD)
Walk Don't Run: (LD) WS
Wanderers: (LD) WS
War Wagon: (LD)
Waterloo Bridge: (LD)
Westerner: (LD)
What's New Pussycat?: (LD) WS
When Comedy Was King: (LD)
When the Boys Meet the Girls: (LD) WS
Where's Poppa?: (LD)
Where the Boys Are: (LD) WS
White Heat: (LD)
White Lightening: (LD) WS
Whoopee: (LD)
Wild Gals of the Naked West: (LD)
Wild Rovers: (LD) WS
Wind: (LD)
Winning Team: (LD) 1952
Without Love: (LD)
Wizard of Oz: DVD
Woman in Red: (LD) WS
Women: (LD)
Wonder Bar: (LD) 1934
World is not Enough: DVD
World of Henry Orient: (LD) WS
Wrong Man: (LD)
Yankee Doodle Dandy: (LD)
Yearling: (LD)
Yolanda and the Thief: (LD)
Young Man with a Horn: (LD)
You're A Big Boy Now: (LD) WS
You Were Never Lovelier: (LD)
Z: (LD) WS
Zelig: DVD
Ziegfeld Follies: (LD)
Zombies of the Stratosphere: (LD)
Zorba the Greek: (LD)

To be modified thanks to your helpful info and corrections. :)

This if a very partial list, starting from movies which I have often not yet viewed. For some, I have replaced the LD version with the DVD version, assuming that it would have a better transfer - if this proves incorrect, holler! And if I omitted to do so also. Thanks.

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Thanks for getting this thing rolling. I'll also add a list of titles release on Laserdisc which cannot be found on DVD, as well as certain Region 2 DVD releases which aren't out in Region 1 (mentioning when possible languages + subtitles).


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The Last Unichorn has been released in Germany last week. It has a good 16:9 transfer and english DD 5.1 and 2.0 plus a trailer.

The same company has released In The Company Of Wolves a view weeks before which also has a 16:9 transfer (although not a very good one) and english DD 5.1. Also 1492 has been released by them with a 16:9 transfer (good) and english DD 5.1 and 2.0.

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Thanks Roland,

I'll have to add those in next time I edit the list (fingers are numb now). ;)


Anyone with feedback about any LD or DVD version of the movies in the list, please speak up. Also, tell me where I'm wrong: some films have since been released to DVD, and others may have a better LD than DVD transfer.

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