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Best DVD Audio & SACD to SDI modify?

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Which multi purpose DVD player would be the best to SDI modify?

Is there any DVD Audio & SACD player that has a good MPEG decoder and a good music player and can be SDI modified?
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Theta has released the Compli, Multi-Format DVD Player. It plays DVD, SACD and DVD-A and it has SDI as an option.

I'm sure the price will be on the high side. :(

Don't know what MPEG decoder they are using but I suspect it should be similar to the one used in the Lexicon(Pioneer) universal player.

You can read all about it here:

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The Theta uses Pioneer video parts if I recall correctly so that's out of the question.

So today perhaps one of the Denon players seem to be the best choice.

But I've heard that they aren't so good with interlaced. As I want to use SDI I don't need all that fancy deinterlacers at all so why pay for it?

What I want is a RP82 with the Denon 2900 sound parts. But that's not going to happen.

What about the Yamaha 2300? Is it any good and since it's built on the RP82 it should be able to SDI modify?
Pioneer was once out of the question because of CUE, but that does not mean that their newest transport/decoder suffers from the same problems.

If I may so bold as to suggest... why not simply get a relatively reasonably priced player such as a Panasonic RP-62 or RP-82 for video only, and then get another player for DVD-A/SA-CD strictly for audio performance?


Do a denon+2900+sdi in google, there are several sdi hacks for the 2900 out allready..

I am looking at the Yamaha S2300 MkII, essentially

a Panasonic RP-82 with better mechanical construction

and it is SDI modifiable.
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