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Best DVD Player for Sony GWII???

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I am soon to be an owner of a 60XBR800. I haven't seen any conversation on DVD players for this set. I have seen some posts about the Panasonic RP82 but want to know what you GW Gurus think is the best progressive DVD player to get. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

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I can tell you this, buy that RP82 as fast as you can. I have been testing DVD's on my old Panny RP80 and an Apex player. The Panny RP82 is clearly the best. The progressive scan mode is a very noticable improvement over the interlaced RP80 and Apex (not even close). The RP82 prog-scan looks much better than its own interlaced mode (older movies look better as well). basicall I leave the unit in prog-mode all the time. It is definately worth the $200 IMO. BTW this is on the GWII 60".
I'll be honest and say I haven't tested the RP82, however, I have used other DVD players in it's league and better. and didn't see a big difference of Prog. VS. Interlaced on a recent RPTV. The line doublers on these late model tv's are very good. Don't take my word for it, next time do a blind test and change between interlaced and prog. and see if you notice a difference.
I just got a Yamaha C920 (5 disc model). Dont have the component cable so I am running it no progressive. I will have the component cable tomorrow so I will let you know. Right know I am watching everything through composite/non progressive. I sure hope it gets better because right know i can see artifacts etc on my GWII.
Go to the DVD forum and look around, you will get much more info on DVD's there. Buy the best that you can afford. I am using a 3 year old JVC but am going to upgrade to a Denon 3800 sometime next year.
Can confirm Dracos2's opinion, upgraded yesterday from a Panny RV65 interlaced to the Panny RP82. Though while researching and reading about the bang for your buck on the 82 you read mostly glowing reviews, even after picking it up I really didn't expect much more than a small, subtle improvement. I figured the DRC on the GW2 made up for my RV65 being interlaced only.

Had watched SWE2 the night before, and noticed a lot of blurry details in backgrounds and small movements, especially in the folds of the clothing the characters wear. Also a lack of detail in dark scenes and color I frustratingly couldn't adjust for on my 50" GW2, even after a basic Avia calibration. On the older TV, the RV65 was just fine, but the quality of the Wega made it's flaws pretty apparent across a wide range of source material in the month or so I've had the Wega.

The 82 made a big enough difference for me I had to sit through the movie and watch it again, I felt I was missing out on half the detail when I saw it the night before ;)

I could afford to spend more on another player, but the 82 makes me feel like there's no reason to. It also makes a great interim player if you'd like to get a DVD-R or build an HTPC in the future. Hope this helps.

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