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Best DVD player under $750 for CRT direct view Sony

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I am looking for the best DVD player for under about $750 bucks. I have a XBR910 34" widescreen and am curious which of these players is the best for my TV. My TV has the DVI input but no HDMI.

Denon 2910

Pioneer Elite 59AVI

Pioneer Elite 79AVI

I have read that the upconversion will not make much difference with the CRT direct view tube. I read that the 59AVi has the 216 mhz video DAC vs. the 79AVi with only 108 mhz. Is the video still better on the 79avi?

As far as the audio, I only running Polk RM6700 surround speakers which are definitely not suited for music but as soon as I have my house built I will go back to my towers. Which of these players is the best for audio? And which will be best for movies with the surround set up I have at this time?

Thank you all for any replies. I am really looking forward to getting one of these players to finally take advantage of the XBR.
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If you use the DVI connection, you're not using the video DACs anyway. I'd go with the Panny 79ai.
Before you spend a lot of money, you might want to verify the Sony DVI input is better than the component input in terms of PQ. The later XS955 models had a bad implementation of the HDMI input using poor D>A decoding and passing the signal on to the regular component circuits. The older 910 may have a much better implementation of the DVI input. Better check first though.

See this thread for details of the XS955 HDMI input issues. Some nice .pdf files in there.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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