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best DVI cable connection

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I need a 30-foot "mini-Displayport" to "DVI-d" cable. Since they don't make 30 foot cables, I need to string 2 cables together, for example, a 15-foot cable and another 15-foot cable. Or, a 25-foot cable and a 5 foot cable.

I just realized that where the 2 cables "meet up" in the middle, that could be ANY connector. In fact, an "Infinite" number of combinations. For example:
mini-Displayport ----> hdmi --------- hdmi DVI-d --------- DVI-d mini-Displayport --------- mini-Displayport
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Some more food for thought on the Frankenstein cable approach. Max length spec of DisplayPort is about 15m, DVI is about 5m, and HDMI is somewhere in between, but depends on gauge, bends, etc. as well. So it makes sense to use DisplayPort for most of the run. I've used 35' HDMI without issue, but there are a lot of variables to consider.
Ratman (hehe funny name :) ), I LOVED the simplicity of your first choice:
tiny 6-inch MiniDisplayPort-to-DVI adapter
big long 30 foot DVI dual link Male-to-Female extension


...then I read mDavej's response that DVI gets crappy after 15 feet (wow, I didn't know that!).

So, based on the comment "Mini Displayport for MOST of the run," here is what I found:
From: 25-foot MiniDisplayPort to DVI Male

To: 6-foot DVI female-to-male DVI dual link Extension

That is days and days of research on my part. PLEASE feel free to tell me if my idea sucks.

My mom is coming to visit in about a week and I HAVE to have this thingamajig all set up for her...... stressful... :eek:
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Just like "Mr. Mom" said:

"200, 221... whatever it takes!". ;)
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