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Hey Folks,

I've just about got my new HT purchases figured out. It looks like I'll be setting up the following...

Sanyo Z2 projector

Direct TV HD Sat receiver (with PVR, 2 tuner HD, DVI)

HTPC for use as a DVD player and as part of a home network

- media center, Radion 9800, Powerstrip, Theater Tek

DVI switch

Def Tec speaker set

receiver ????

One of my desires was for simplicity and this rig should only require 2 audio cables (toslink to receiver) and 3 video cables (DVIs to switch, then to Projector).

To continue on the "simple" concept, I was wondering what would be the easiest receiver to set-up and use. I don't need multi-room features, and the system will be 5.1 (I could go to 7.1 later, but not absolutely needed now). What I want is a receiver that will be easy to set speaker volumes and once it's up and working things will be easy to operate. I also need enough power to work the Def Tec SC7001s, c/l/r 2500, and the BPX surrounds. Not terribly budget conscience on this, but don't want to pay for a bunch of features/power that I'll never use.


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