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So I've been using my Harmony ONE for a long time now and I've gone through a warped battery and touchscreen malfunctions. Now the buttons are responding funny. It seems it's time for a replacement. Things have advanced since I bought my ONE and I'm looking for the best option.

I'm looking to control:
Samsung non-smart TV (IR)
Samsung Soundbar (IR)
PS4 (CEC? BT?)
Roku 3 (IP)
BenQ W1070 (Serial)

My only real requirement is for it to be simple operation. Right now I have "activities" set up on the ONE so my wife knows what's happening, i.e. "Play PS4," "Watch Roku" and all she has to do is touch it and wait.

I would like to go IP/RF so she doesnt have to point and so we can use our phones/dedicated smaller tablet but it's not a requirement.

Thoughts? Easiest integration?


1 - 2 of 2 Posts