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Best HD-DVD/Blu-Ray player for the A3000

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I was thinking of getting the BDP-S300 but not sure if it is worth getting for the upcoming A3000 that I will be getting on tuesday. Can anyone else recommend an hd dvd or bluray player that can take advantage of the specs of the A3000. Im going to best buy on saturday to buy one.
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well, pretty much any HDM players would give you a fantastic picture. Players with 1080p24 output would be ideal since A3000 accept this input, though I am not sure if it does a 5:5 pulldown or go to 60p first and then double to 120p.
what players do 1080p/24? That was the feature im looking for. You nailed it.
For HD DVD, A30 and A35 output 1080p24. for BD, PS3 and some other players (not sure which one) do.

Of course, HD DVD is much cheaper
, BD has more studios
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The PS3 is the best blu-ray player right now and probably will be until it's a finished format.

I wouldn't buy a HD-DVD player if I were you...and that's coming from someone who has one. HD-DVD is a great format but it's life might be short.


1) It is cheaper than most (if not all) stand alones.

2) Good job upscaling DVDs

3) Quiet, despite being a console.

4) Firmware upgrades mean that it can evolve with the standard.

5) Can double as a DLNA client to stream music, video, etc. from your PC.

6) You can play Rockband!


1) Remote functionality. There is no IR so trying to use an all in one remote like a Harmony has some challenges. There are a few solutions out there, but most of them don't give complete control like the Sony remote or controller does. Sony does make a remote, but then you have two remotes to deal with and you have to buy it separately. Sony uses BlueTooth instead of IR or RF.
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I'm using an A35 for HD-DVD and a Panny BD-30 for BD, and they both work great

with my A3000 at 1080p24. If you don't have one of the newer receivers that handle the bitstreaming of the higher end sound options through hdmi, you can save a little money by going with the A30 instead.
Yeah the PS3 is really a great deal.

Though it doesn't have a large number of games I think it will down the road.

Plus like someone else said it does a great job of upscaling regular DVDs. Also it can go wireless right out of the box so updating it is very easy.

By far the best deal out there.
PS3 for sure. Excellent future-proof BRD player, plus it also plays some great games with quite a lot of good ones coming this year especially. It's the best looking piece of equipment hooked up to my A3000, it's like they were made for each other.

Plus, being a multifunction BRD player/game machine, it'll always have a higher resale value than any standalone.
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