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What would be the best HDD camcorder for around the $300-$400 price range?

I've tried looking up reviews of the different types of Sony HDD camcorders, but they've only made making a choice more difficult.

It seems as if my best choice would be to get a Sony DCR-SR, but Sony's made over like 80 different ones, so narrowing it down to one is going to be a *****.

I'm mainly looking for an HDD Video Camera that has the following features:

-Night Vision

-Built-in Light

-Atleast 20GB-30GB of HDD space

-Good video quality

-Small and compact

A Memory Stick Duo Media Slot and a decent zoom capability would also be nice to have, but aren't something I absolutely need.

I film in the dark a lot, so I'm wanting a camera that can pick-up objects well in dark environments.

Making this choice would be much easier if I was able to find a list of every Sony HDD camcorder made, so I could just compare them and figure out which one suites my needs, but sadly there is nothing of that sort that I can find. I can't even find a list of their DCR-SR styled cameras.

Any help would be great, thanks.
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