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Best HDTV For Around $1500

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My 3 year JVC RPTV just died and after talking with a couple of service centers, it looks like it will cost about $500 to repair. The TV was only just over $1000 when I bought it so paying $500 seems like a waste. For those interested, apparently, the chip that handles color convergence gets too hot and burns out.

Anyway, I'm looking for another TV and figured you guys would have some suggestions. Here is my list of wants. I don't know if I can get these for my price point so I can downgraded if needed. I have plenty of depth so I'm not interested in flat panels.

1080p Native Input

48" or larger

LCD/LCOS/DLP (I can't figure out which one is the better technology)

I don't need an HD tuner. HD Monitor/HD Ready is fine with me since I use a STB. I also don't care about all the other small features (CableCard, media card reader, mp3 player, etc). I do need component input since my receiver doesn't support HDMI, but don't need composite or S-Video (although I think those are almost gimmies these days)

What's the story on Westinghouse? Are they the kia of TVs?
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Westinghouse is great, at least my 32w6 has been so don't count them out.
Westinghouse is like the KIA of TV's, along with Olevia and such.

I still largely prefer a respectable name brand over the cheapo's, but they aren't all hateful.

Note, please read the rules of this forum, as we are not allowed to mention pricing unless its manufactor's price.

But good luck.
Oh, I didn't realize that. Well, how about we say that my budget is $2000 MSRP. Hopefully, that doesn't break any rules.
I'd get a Samsung DLP, but you won't get 1080p for your price and size range. You have to buy 56 inch to get a Samsung 1080p.

Just get 720p...

It's not like anything is 1080p anyway, unless you use Blu-Ray. To be honest, most stations can't even get 720p right most of the time.
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