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Hello all you HV-10 users. I thought I would start a thread that will allow us to share our different settings to get the best image as possible with low light or even night shooting.

So far the best I have been able to get is using the Night shooting mode using the SCN function. One problem though. The camera loses allot of its auto focus ability as well as its ability to stay in focus. The least little jitter when off the tri-pod and it has to completely refocus the shot. If you zoom or pan in this mode, you almost have to stop recording, focus your shot, then restart recording. If any of you pros out there have any more advanced setting that can be help, I am all ears. Also, when using this setting with the built in light, it adds a lot of grain when zooming all the way out!

The next best setting I have had decent results with is the Sports setting. When using this setting, the camera losses much of its pop and detail but it is still better than the auto function! What is weird about this function is that the camera is much slower at getting into focus as well. You would think that it would get the most out of the cameras focus ability when shooting fast action or movement from a far. I am going to be taping a ton of footage next football season for my family. I need to find a solution.

Please feel free to share any tips or tricks you are using to get the most out of this Gem of a camera when shooting in low light.

In normal outside or sunlight, it is amazing using the auto function. I thought we could just share some tips when shooting night shooting.


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