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I’m in the process of building my HT, I’ve just studded out my walls in my basement. Here’s some details:

- The room is 11.5' x 19'

- The room currently has no HVAC, it is a cool room in winter, humid in spring/summer

- I’ll be trying to decouple the room (RISC-1 or RC)

- At the front of the theater I have a small hopper window to the outside

- I'll be fully insulating the walls (R-13) & ceilings (R-19)

- The ceiling has 3 heat/AC duct runs between joists feeding to the main run in another room. It has 1 return in the ceiling. All these service the upstairs. I have 9" of joist clearance.

- The house has a new A/C, furnace - it can handle more ducts.

- I'll be running a FP & various components.

I imagine the easiest would be to run ducts into the room from the runs in the ceiling down through the studs (I have a true 4" clearance) If I do this, it would have to be on the sides, not the front & back. However I am concerned about noice leakage upstairs.

While I would consider it, I'd rather not build a column for the duct. I could run duct from the main run in the other room. Questions:

1. High/low for in/out?

2. Duct size? Flexible?

3. # of in/outs?

4. Where to tap into the existing ductwork?

5. Need for a booster?

6. If using a booster, where (in relation to the vent grill) would that booster be placed?

Thanks for any feedback!

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