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Best Indoor Antenna for Reception in North Dallas

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I am trying to get away from cable but would like to get the major networks. I did buy a converter box and rabbit ears. They work on one TV but still only gets about 3 channels, none of which are a major network. Tried hooking up one converter box and rabbit ears to a Smart TV but got absolutely nothing. It just scans and never gets a channel.


I am definitely technologically challenged, but I am determined to make this work. I have been reading reviews of various indoor antennas, but I would like to know if anyone living in the North Dallas area might have a recommendation. I live on the second floor of an apartment complex with several other apartment complexes in the area. There are only a few really tall buildings in the area but lots of trees.


If someone has a suggestion, I would greatly appreciate it.



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Please read the instructions at the top of the section before posting. We can't help you without the TVFool report.

Gotta ask... if you have a Smart TV, then why the converter box? I think pretty much all HDTVs rolled out since the advent of "Smart TVs" have ATSC (over-the-air) tuners built right in. You should be able to connect an antenna directly to the set, choose "ANTENNA" from the signal source menu (varies from mfr to mfr) and scan away.

As to whether or not rabbit ears will work for you, we'd need to see that TVFool report. Would help to know the make/model of this "converter" and the make/model of the televisions in use. A little bit about your home would help.. house, apartment, nearby structures, hill, valley... etc.

There is also a Dallas thread in the Local Reception Area. See the index.
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