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Best Integrated Homes of 2012

By CE Pro Editors
These award-winning whole-house integration projects present a mix of custom tech recipes that serve up daily lifestyle comforts.

Sister publication Electronic House, which shows the end results of work done by CE Pro readers, has long touted the lifestyle benefits of technology. Nowhere is this showcased more than in its annual Home of the Year Awards, and more specifically, its categories focused on the Best Integrated Home.

This year’s winners featured enhancements such as automatic intercom notifications to help a retired couple remember when to take medication and send out birthday cards; sensors around every corner that essentially create a hands-free high-tech environment that’s also green; and creature comforts that allow one family to make the most of their vacation home while they’re there … like playing virtual golf on the special projection screen setup.

Some of these solutions were years in the making, displaying integrators’ efforts to roll with the technology changes and continue evolving to meet clients’ needs.

Of course, integrating as many video displays as possible appears to be something that will never change - it just requires a little more imagination these days.

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