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Hi there,

I'm from Melbourne, Australia and am in the process of building a new house.

In the house I will be having 4 Plasma screens. One in the lounge room, one in the master bedroom, one in the Rumpus room and possibly one in the outdoor area.

I have purchased a Monoprice 4x4 matrix and all associated cables.

I now need an IR solution to control my 4 devices from any one room.

I have been recommended the Xantech 49095D Kit and then the add on mirco link receivers.

URL @ parts-express.com/pe/pshowdetl.cfm?&DID=7&Partnumber=182-536&ctab=5#Tabs

URL @ parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?Partnumber=182-522

I have found the parts a bit cheaper than above but the total cost just for IR is going to be around $850! I plan to use Harmony One remotes in all the rooms however I'm open to ideas.

Is there a reliable alternative to the above setup that can be used with plasma screens?

Thanks in advance.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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