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Hi all, I'm currently looking for an antenna for FM reception in my home. My current setup has the reciever in the bunker (concrete basement) with a 25' run of RG6 (quad shield, solid copper core) run up to the attic. As the crow flies I live pretty close to most of the radio stations that I'm interested in, unfortunatly theirs quite a few peaks, valley, bays, and trees between me and them.

I hear people say "try and tune them in the car", and so I've done that. At my home the reception is "OK", but seems to vary a bit depending on the weather (heavy cloud cover seems to make things worse.)

I've created a list of my top 3 stations, how far they are from me, and the angle they are from my location. I'm hoping that if someone is going to suggest a direction antenna, that this information might help:

Station Distance Angle

90.3 10.5Mi 45.9'

94.9 13.7Mi 41.0'

107.7 10.9Mi 49.0'

(You could probably find my house on a map now, right?

So here's the question in brief:

What KIND of antenna would suit me best?

Within that category, can you make some model reccomendations that are suitable for attic mounting, and won't piss my wife off for spending money on "another toy"

Thanks AVS
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