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Best L/R & Center Combination for under $1000

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Hello all! Well it's that great time of year when bonuses start hitting. Now I am looking into upgrading my front 3 speakers. My set up is currently as follows:

AVR:Denon AVR 3808CI

Front: 2 Definitive Technology ProMonitor 100's

Center: Definitive Technology ProCenter 100

Rear: Definitive Technology ProMonitor 100's

Subwoofer: SVS PB12-nsd

My budget is around $1000 for the 3 speakers. I am thinking of moving my current fronts back and running a 7.1 set up.

My room is fairly small, but this summer I am looking to move, and will have a place with a larger, more dedicated room.

Any suggestions?
......Obviously my entire set up besides the sub is def tech right now, but I could go for whatever brand gives me the best set up for the money.

Thanks in advance!
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For that sort of money I like the JBL L880 + LC2.

Originally Posted by GIEGAR  /t/1519682/best-l-r-center-combination-for-under-1000#post_24405009

My "under $1000" pick would be the Ascend Acoustics CMT-340 SE / CMT-340 SEC combo - $904 shipped.

I agree. Six 6.5" drivers in your front soundstage aimed at you for HT.
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Lol Yeah it will probably be my rears and surrounds that get upgraded on my next bonus. My pb12-nsd is brand new (less than a week old) and given a large enough room i'd love another, but unfortunately svs discontinued it. I got it at their closeout price of $600 which was a steal
. Thanks for the quick responses. After reading the reviews of the 340's, I'm thinking these are the way to go
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The new Chane Theater Ten's might be worth a look.


They would definitely be a dynamic speaker, which is nice for movie use.
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