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Best low cost media player

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Hi guys,

What is the best low cost media player today. I am looking for something $50 or below. I tried the Micca Speck and it was just too flaky and the remote was terrible. I just want something that plays all formats, don't need wifi streaming or apps, and don't need Dolby TrueHD or DTS HD.

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I see Amazon has a new Streaming Media Players comparison section .

You might want to check it out for a broad comparison of many of the currently-available streaming media players.
WDTV Live still remains the best cheap player for now. The WDTV Play is the the cheaper model but just lacks DVD playback support if that matters.

There are a few xbmc android boxes too, they are okay and can play most things but not quite as good as WDTV, you will find loads of them on amazon, newgg or dealextreme.
I agree, especially if you want DTS-HD, the WDTV Live is the best most affordable player out there right now.
I don't need or want wifi streaming. Just media playback.
Who said anything about wifi?
Thanks alx and ash_ man. I will check out wdtv and android boxes.
Re: Android boxes, only one I'd recommend is OUYA running SPMC (the unofficial XBMC). I've tried Pivos XIOS and the Little Black Box. Both are lacking (performance).
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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