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Currently I have four HDX-1000 NMTs with a central media server. I am replacing them with 4 HTPC with a media server. I am currently reading up on the leading PC movie jukebox software such as: MediaPortal, Boxee, xbmc, mymovies 2/3 and Media Browser. I am wondering if any of these or another I overlooked is family friendly.

Presently with my NMTs I have mapped two shares one with kids and one with parents movies. I use MyMovies with My Lil Movie JukeBox for the movie jukebox part of things. On all rooms except the kids room I have mapped both kids and parents movies as separate shares and because the jukebox interface launches automatically when you select either share with only that shares movies it works well. In the kids room I just map only kids share that way I know they aren't upstairs watching adult movies without my permission. I want to do something similar for my new HTPC setup. I would like an application that perhaps had some type of entry portal that allows access to either of the two collections with the MCE/ Harmony 550 remote control but keeps the collections separate. I don't want to use keyboards for daily movie activities.

I looked at Windows Media Center but the real problem with that is you have to have one combined collection without going outside of MCE to select a separate collection. Another thing I want similar to the NMT is the ability to look at pages of about 100 movie covers in alphabetical order. I don't want to navigate 1 movie or just a few movies at a time. Browsing through a collection of over 400 movies a few movies at a time is just not user friendly. Hoping I can get something that works like the NMT right now with only remote control input on the HTPC. I tried the NMT route but there are just too many bugs, its too slow and I have to reboot quite often to watch 1080p mkv files.

Another feature I would like that I don't have right now would be able to lock the kids out of using the parents movies unless I give them access. Something like a numbered password that would need to be entered to enter the parents collections. That way when I home and they want to watch a parents move I can enter the code for them to get at the parents collection. I would also like something that access to Internet Radio and sites like Hula and YouTube.
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