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Best Mediaum Directional antenna

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I am getting D* HD but want to also get local OTA HD. I am looking for a good "Small Multidirectional Antenna" - indoors if it would work well. All the stations are within13 miles but I do have a bunch of taller trees around.

When I did the AntennaWeb search without the trees/buildings option selection checked it said a small multi-directional antenna. with the trees/buildings checked it says medium dierctional.

I am looking for a reasonably priced unit.
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Look at the Channel Master 3021 4-bay bowtie antenna. Runs under $50 and does great. Put it outside, as high as reasonable. Anything indoors might work or might not. If you must try an indoors antenna, try the Zenith Silver Sensor.
I can easily put it in the attic, not on the roof right now as there is 14" of snow up there.

would that be better or worse?
The attic is better than somewhere else in the house. Snow can block signals, so you'll have that to deal with. But at 13 miles, you shouldn't have too much trouble with it unless your trees are very dense.
I laid an RCA ant40u in the attic. didnt even have to mount it its laying on the floor. no turning either. I get everything at signal strength at 100, and 2 channels at 80-90.
Originally posted by kirkfrey
I am getting D* HD but want to also get local OTA HD. I am looking for a good "Small Multidirectional Antenna" - indoors if it would work well. ...
The bulk of experience given on AVS about multidirectional antennas is not good. I add mine to that as well. They are too sensitive to reflections which kill a digitial receiver. The most common (directional) suggestions are the Silver Sensor, the Channel Master 3021 and 4228. The latter two being more directional than the SS and are highly regarded. If your stations are scattered all over the map you may want to consider a rotor. The SS is cheaper and if you can find one locally you may be able to return it if it doesn't work. Stay away from gimmicks like Terk and multidirectional in general.
The CM 3021/4221 is not nearly as directional as the SS or the 4228. The 3021/4221 has a fairly wide beam spread and will usually receive stations up to ~60° in different directions. Sometimes more. I have a CM 4221 which can pick up stations 130° apart without moving it.

I would say the 3021/4221 is more of a "multidirectional" than "directional" antenna. It is not an omni, though, unless the screen is detached.

What's your zip code or city?

A CM 3021 or CM 4221 (same antenna) aimed in the direction antennaweb.org suggests should work for you.
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