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best method for connecting internet sources to tv?

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As I understand it, there are three common methods for accessing netflix, vudu, etc with a tv:

a) purchase tv with internet connections,

b) connect through a blue ray player or PS3

c) connect with a pc.

Which is best? I most likely will connect to netflix with a new tv, located very near a top of line gaming pc. Should I connect via pc or select a new tv with internet connectivity? I do not own a blue ray player but it would nice to purchase one if it is cheaper than buying blue ray player for the pc.
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c) connect with a pc

since you already have one

Originally Posted by Daye /forum/post/19600348

c) connect with a pc

since you already have one

Not sure you can get Vudu HD/HDX on a PC. Netflix also used to have smaller selection of titles in HD on PC vs the other players.

You probably need to decide which services you want - Vudu/Netflix etc and then find the player - Roku, Boxee, Apple TV, various Blu-ray players that suits you.

I think of a display like a PC monitor - get the best quality you can afford.

You can always change the sources you use - Cable, satellite, internet, over the air - depending what suits you best at the time - but you'll always need a good display.
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I would get the separate BR player. The ones for PC's are about $50, but you also need to buy a $70 piece of software to play the BR's. I have an HTPC, still haven't got a BR drive for it, once free players pick up support for BR I'll get one. I suspect VLC will probably be the 1st free player, but who knows...
Thanks guys! Interesting that each connection option received a vote!
Clearly, I do need to do some more research. Hat tip to undecided. You are correct, VUDU is only SD when downloaded to the pc. Hmmm, I'll need to see how badly I want VUDU. It does seem desirable with newer video set and different lineup than netflix. Your point is also well taken in regards to the display versus providers.

Servicetech571, interesting point about software. I've only played MP4 and AVCHD files on my computer. I clearly need to do some reading here as well.

Thanks again!
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