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Hello all ,

Recently made a Router/External drive purchase and would like some advice on how to setup sharing.

Im trying my very best in avoiding turning on my pc or having a PC as server.

Heres how I would like my sharing ideally.

xbox 360 full access

Boxee enabled Apple tv full access.

1 laptop internet only would like my shares invisible or at least significantly password protected.

1 family laptop media files but ONLY the "family" safe cartoons/homevideos folder.

Possibility of Android tablet that is SMB friendly.

My shared drive would basically have





on the root drive.

Now at this point Im fairly sure I wont be able to bitlocker my drive correct ?

The USB enabled router will have DD-WRT or Tomato flashed to ease the process.

So essentially what would be the best way to setup my files to be shared securely ?

If I set up a GUEST account from the router. Would that keep the "internet only" laptop from accessing the shared folders ?
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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