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Best mother board?

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Best mother board???

I'm torn between the

ABIT "AV8" K8T800 Pro Chipset Motherboard


GIGABYTE "GA-K8NS Ultra-939" NVIDIA nForce3 ULTRA Chipset Motherboard


What's your feedback?

I'm going to be recording Dual HDTV content Via Fusion cards.

Going with the AMD 64 3500+

I like the ABIT card because it has 5.1 optical output. But heard the GIGABYTE is better because the NVIDA chipset.

Thanks in advance.
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Please help me with this.

I really like the GIGABYTE "GA-K8NS Ultra-939" but don't want to spend the extra money buying a sound card with optical outputs.

Will I have to buy a sound card inevitably anyways to achieve quality DD and DTS for my movies.

And as asked before are the performance issues for a HTPC with both.

And naturally If you feel strongly about another please let me know what one and why.
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I got the new A8V-E Deluxe, and really like it. I don't see any reason (unless you already have an AGP vid. card) to go with the A8V otherwise.
If you don't need PCI Express (and you don't really... but some people like it) then I like the Asus IC7-Max 3 for a Pentium setup.
Im quite happy with my MSI, which seems to be a popular choice


I also have a Athlon 64 3500+
Originally posted by KRiS1

The MSI has optical & coaxial digital out 7.1 and the Nforce3 nvidia chipset

Im quite happy with my MSI, which seems to be a popular choice http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProdu...-130-468&depa=1

I also have a Athlon 64 3500+

Thanks KRiS1

That MBO looks real good.
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Originally posted by sgmccool
Thanks KRiS1

That MBO looks real good.
I agree,

My current htpc is a K8T800 chipset and performs very well for me, however if you are planning on running dual fusion cards then consider the nforce 3 or 4 Ultra chipsets.
Those are all fine boards, but the absolute best board is......

The one that's going to be released about 2 months after you get yours.

Sorry, couldn't resist! :D

This is a little "old school" at this point, but take a look at the top-of-the-line Epox Socket 754 board. Why??? Well the board comes with 6 SATA connections and 6 PCI slots. It can also do RAID 5.

I just ordered this board because it can accommodate anything I'd want to do. All you are giving up is PCI-E, but there are plenty of AGP cards around.

If you want future compatability, I'd opt for a Socket 939 board which is NOT SLI. MSI makes such a board which has 4 PCI slots. Most of the SLI boards have 2-3 PCI slots which is just not enough IMHO, particularly given the questionable benefits of SLI.
For the last two computers I've built, I used Intel boards. I'm especially pleased with the 925CV with Dolby Digital Live that I used for my HTPC. I don't want to overclock the HTPC, and I use the DD Live via SPDIF. The primary quality I wanted in my HTPC mobo was stability, and Intel's got that in spades. It uses PCI-e and SATA, and it suits my needs very well.

I would not claim it is the "Best motherboard," but it is the one I would still choose were I to build an HTPC today.
My DFI Nforce4 Ultra-D (non-SLI) will be here tomorrow, along with an Athlon 64 3200+ Socket 939 and a Leadtek 6600GT PCI-e.

DFI motherboards are really versatile and overclockable, but might be overkill for an HTPC, although my last 3 have been DFI m/b's.
From building a few HTPC's and many gaming PC's.

Rule of thumb for me is INTEL chipset mobo for P4's and NVidia (NForce)chipset for AMD. Seems to have less probm overall compared to VIA or SIS chipsets that I have tried. Manufacturers didnt matter as much as the the chipsets being use, as long as the the manufacturer are the top tier ones.
If you want the best motherboard possible I personally would recommend this motherboard . It has been reviewed here and if you ever feel like Doom 3 than SLI is definitely an improvement . An even greater improvement was shown with Farcry. The advantages of SLI are so great if you ever think about using your computer for gaming I would definitely recommend it.
While I have read most comparisons regarding the nForce3 chipset boards being a little slower than the VIA counterparts, I'd go with the nForce board due to better driver implementation and probably better stability. This is regarding using a AGP board. My brothers 2 week unsolved problem of constant reboots with his Asus A8V(another story) has soured me on VIA, again.........
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