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***Best "musical" 1K receiver???

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Hi everyone,

I imagine this question was asked 1000 times, but i'm about to invest about 5000 of my money on my new system therefore i need help/suggestion.

I will be listening mostly music 75% and movies 25%. So i guess i need the most musical receiver i was looking to spend about 1k on the receiver.

Thank you,

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H/K AVR247 mated with a separate power amplifier for the front LR speakers (if you prefer 2 ch stereo and have full range LR speakers). You can use the receiver's amps for the center and rears or (my recommendation) use a 3-7 channel amp of your choice and just use the 247 as a pre/pro only. Many good used multichannel amps at Audiogon and Videogon that will keep your total cost below $1k. I have a 5 channel amp for sale myself - PM me if interested.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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